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I knew this day would come. Cher

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The old floorboards creaked under his considerable weight. Grumbling and muttering under his breath about the

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Delivering a corpse was out of the question, but re-animating a shredded body full of shrapnel was too rich for his pay grade. He nodded once before drifting across the center line

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He was getting ready to spread it like mayonaise when the door flung open.

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Lights danced in his eyes. That's not where they were accustomed to dancing and in point of fact, were a little uncomfortable there with all of the dewy innocence. Nevertheless,

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My neighbor's dog was always howling at the moon. All night, all I could hear was that bloody howling. I needed to do something, but what? It was such a

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I wish, oh how I wish that I could obtain

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Sometimes I wish I knew what she thought. I wish

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Crisp leaves crackled as he hovered by. He never touched the ground, but the field repelled everything beneath him. There wouldn't be foot prints, but if you measured the compact

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He slipped into the room, invisible yet again. No one knew him. No one saw him. No one cared. He smiled briefly, allowing himself the modicum of joy. His anonymity served him well.

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