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The alarm clock went off way too early this morning. I rolled over and chucked the alarm across the room. The snooze button became obsolete. I reluctently got out of bed

Finished: 1/6/11 @ 22:17
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I felt immediately desperate after my divorce, and decided to visit a bar downtown. It’s not like me to drink, however I felt that if I had already lost my husband.. what else could I lose?

Finished: 1/6/11 @ 21:57
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He went to the foley stage. It was the last line he had to record for Rocky III. The director told Stallone, "This is where Clubber Lang hits you-" Stallone put his hand up, then

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The glittery ball in Times Square started to descend and everyone around seemed joyous as the countdown began

Finished: 1/6/11 @ 17:30
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It was a really snowy winter. It had been snowing for a week now and I couldn't even get out of the house any more.

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"Don't try this at home," he thought as he stuffed her corpse full of dynamite. He thought of having the fuse come out her vagina or ass, but that was too obvious. No, he would

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Sorry. I'm late - I was busy being groped at the airport. I gotta tell you, that's the first time I let another guy touch my junk when I couldn't blame it on too many beers.

Finished: 1/5/11 @ 11:26
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Flipping through the channels he froze on UHF. He saw himself sitting there on the tv. His couch was on tv. His living room was on tv. He lifted the remote and

Finished: 1/5/11 @ 11:16
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I once had an awesome SNOW GLOBE! Then I lost it.

Finished: 1/5/11 @ 00:10
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The black cat was a poor substitute for a broom or a wand, but you worked with what you had. A few magic words and a good lob later, the cat was doing the work of a fireball.

Finished: 1/4/11 @ 23:18