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I'd been working on the equation for days and my head was spinning. I needed sleep. "You load sixteen tons and what do you get"? Trying to recreate history from the fragments of

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The open road beckoned, as it always did this time of year. Long silver ribbons of open highway curved like the small of her back, beckoning a soft touch, a lingering glance.

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The pillars cracked, his footfall ending their time as invulnerable juggernauts. As dust, they were much less foreboding, but no less poisonous to evil. He gathered and bagged it

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The light flashed on his answering machine. He stood next to it, wishing he could listen to the messages, but those times were gone. Beside it was a list of songs after his euology

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The helicopter leveled and seemed to stare directly into Kelly's room. It was one of the silent black ones. As the cockpit opened, she knew the restraining order was meaningless.

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As the Baby-Trapeze shot the Taco-Bell dog at the European Waffle-House waitress, the man realized that

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The headless horseman settled down for the night. His pumpkin head had turned several days back and was stinking up the hotel. It was about time to carve another, but this time

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How does a band with two albums release a greatest hits album and how could this album contain the worst, never great, never hit remixes on this album. Milli Vanilli managed this

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I was gone so long. How could I let this happen? Time has slipped through my thoughts, my hands, my memory. I have to reconnect. Last I remember was leaving Chicago,a flight

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Philip Alston, an official with the United Nations is decrying a Nigerian court decision to sentence a 50-year-old man to death by stoning after he admitted to having

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