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They had been living in IKEA for 6 mos. now. They ate .99 cent Swedish meatballs everyday and lounged in the model front rooms. When they got sick of a decor, they just walked to

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"Let the dice fall where they may" he said. "But these are dice made from the bezoar we dug from your stomach last month". "It didn't kill me then and it won't --" he started

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The scent of pine covered his fingers and reminded him it was Christmas time when he leaned a cheek against his fist. Only two days left, but five before Christmas. He would never

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No, no, Bruce. Not Butt Pirates. But pirates. They are grammar terrorists.

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He was definitely never drinking melon liquor ever again. The number of heaves wasn't important until after the 50th or so, but the color was. They were meant to be green, but

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"If I wanted a lemur I would have asked for a lemur..." he exploded, exasperated. The young girl took a step back from the counter. "Oh alright, you said he could be fitted with

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She had done it! After all the long years of studying it was finally going to pay off she thought as she applied her lipstick and rolled the hot rollers into her hair. Now, she

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"The Commisar's in town," someone whispered. Don't turn around he thought. Just keep pushing this wheel barrel full of Mighty Putty to the bus stop. If he can was it up

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50, 60 , 70, 80 and slam into fifth gear. Wind smacked him in the face, including a sea gull which bounced off his helmet. He angled higher, and then gritted his dentures. Now

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"Do the truffle-shuffle!" we pleaded. However, all of our efforts in convincing Nathan his 7th grade picture made him look like Chunk from the Goonies were in vain.

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