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Todd put down the weed whacker and picked up the telephone, and that is when it all started. The voice on the other end

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It was cold. The type of cold that numbs your fingers and burns your lungs. But I continued to wander, enjoying the

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"Candy is a whore's name," she said disgustedly. "Or maybe a stripper. Has a Candy ever won a Nobel prize or

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Fifteen hot dogs into the competition, and it suddenly occurred to me that

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"A little shorter on the left. Maybe make it more even. Yeah, like that. Yes, I like that." Pause. "Now step away from

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Regrets, we all have them. One in particular haunts me day and night. It all stems back to April '82. The wanton urge

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Jane was sensible. She knew that living a structured life brought stability, and that comforted her. Every morning she

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Terry was good at really chess. In fact, he was something of a prodigy. Of course you'd never know it since

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Eating four bean salad before a meeting was a very bad idea. She kept going on and on and won't shut up. If I moved

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With a Fluff-a-Nutter sandwich in hand I decided it was time to

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