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Gregor's family did not mourn his passing. The next morning, however, they, too had transformed into giant beetles.

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"A FLYING SHARPIE, AHHH, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?" was the first thing that woke me up that morning. Literally the morning. "It's four am, SHUT UP AND SLEEP," I growled to my

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Sirens wailed. INTRUDER ALERT flashed on the console. 'But that's impossible!' huffed the technician, 'I sorted out the glitch.' Then the portal door slid open, revealing

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Old Jim never went back to the ship.

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once upon a time

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I know from first-hand experience that certain parts of that city smell of cat urine and

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Hi, my name is Dirk and I am looking for someone special. I like cherries. I like pineapples, though we call them ananas. And if you read this, I'd probably like to meet you. [end]

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John rushed down the corridor, past the big windows and nurses; the missed call an hour old. He exhaled, relieved. He'd made it to see the baby born. "It was a girl" she whispered.

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When the students entered the cafeteria and found no nachos, a riot ensued.

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He ran to the end of the hall, slipped and crashed into the door. It gave and came off its hinges, crashing into the cart and stopping a surgery. The surgeon threw his scalpel

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