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Lisa was lying on her bed flipping through her ipod all the while in disbelief that she was even allowed an ipod in this place. Her calandar told her she had

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Pictures stared back at me from the piano. These people were supposed to mean something to me, but so few of them did. One or two I'd give my life for, but the rest were just

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Forty minutes later Lin was helping gather the origami zoo Ken had made Janie. Ken stood up and Lin leaned in and kissed his cheek like he was family. She looked at me and gave me

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I'm Voldemort, and I approved this message. The announcer began, "Albus Dumbledore says he does it all for the children. But let's look at the record. Three times in the last year

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I am not a loser, he thought and then bought the self-help CD. It was one of those Tony Robbins knock-offs. Instead of personal power, it was called

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He was one of those Hodpodge stiffs that says, "Nice!" after everything someone says. He also still wore those dorky shirts that have THC in place of KFC logos,

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"How many skulls are there?" she asked. "Why? You lining them up for a dance?" I said, smirking. "There are four hundred tibiae in that box. Any more than two-fifty and

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Dollar bills floated through the air in the small wind tunnel of the shoe store. They did this kind of thing to attract business on slow days. She'd forgotten the toxins embedded

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She touched the knot behind her ear and rubbed them. They ached from the strain of the week's stresses. After a moment, a tiny door opened beneath her fingers and her eyes glowed

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One day there was a rapper named Drake. He knew that Nello was his biggest fan, so he flew to California from Toronto, just to meet his biggest fan. He knocked on her door...

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