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Steve walked wearily down the street, his brim pulled way down low. Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet, Machine guns ready to

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It all started with a thump. Then a ding. And a swish. Next a fromp and a womp womp. It was terribly unimaginative but

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"Have excess bodily fluids? Donate to the Red Cross!" she reads over the PA system during homeroom. I pause, then

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Our story begins as such. Around Thanksgiving I was to supply the turkey for my family. It was of large stature to be honest. Hell I don't how I got it in the house to begin with.

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Slim pushed aside the old AM radio. The dust made him cough. "It's got to be here somewhere," he grumbled "Or else

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"HA!" Jen started to laugh hysterically as Connor rolled his eyes. "Even though it was my first time doesn't mean you have to give me crap about it."

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"Go, Pikachu!" The little pixelated red and white ball flung across the screen and out popped the little electric rat. This was gonna be a tough battle, especially if it's against

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Yesterday I believed in science. Today, I believe in

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She had just finished the last drop of whiskey as she slammed the bottle down onto the table. Laughing and crying all at once, her body and mind was buzzing with many thoughts.

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Today.. "do you know what day today is?" I kept replaying the strange phone call I received in the morning. I told the caller "Of course, i know, I'm not stupid" but the truth is

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