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When the city of Denver is remembered, it will be remembered for the way its soldiers fought and died against the fearsome militants of Arizona and their eradication machines.

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Deep breaths, each one successively deeper, widened the berth given to him by those around him. The herd could smell a stampede and were spreading for safety. He could barely hide

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It never ends. Day after day I find myself wondering why I don't blow this popsicle stand and got to a place where things would be different, where I could

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Leaving early on Friday afternoon....

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The phone idled quietly against the monitor. Most of the time it waited for calls, but the CIA back door had accessed the camera and was streaming audio and video, monitoring his

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The light of the moon cast blue lines through the blinds onto his face. Staying asleep was no problem, but his dreamself stepped into the light and blazed with lunar energy coldly

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I panicked and threw the crowbar as hard as I could and hit him dead in the chest, stopping him in his tracks with a sickening crack. An experiment to create 12 people

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My father, uninterested in sticking around for the next life saving maneuver, had stumbled back into his old truck and swerved off toward the liquor store.

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Its always a worry when the website you have just found, explored and added will soon be taken on by someone you may or may not know? Where will we go from here?

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A splash of green, a thud, and I stopped the car to check for damage. What i seen was horrid. I somehow, someway, had just ran over Kermit the frog. Although he was a muppet

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