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Bylo nebylo. Je tomu dávno, co se malá Františka vydala do města. Sbalila si batůžek, obula si ty nejkrásnější botičky a stopla okolojedoucí auto. Je to už tak dávno...

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Reluctantly, he answered the phone and hoped his mother would ask him how his life was going. Instead, he listened as she rambled on about

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He sat there beaming at me, glowing in the dark with sweat and wide pupils. "How can you know unless you try?" I smirked, wondering how many times that line had worked.

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It was a long way up, but Brad knew he'd get there eventually. "Just keep looking ahead," he said to himself as he carefully adjusted his

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I can't believe she had really done it. In the middle of a busy highway, in the middle of the afternoon, in the middle of an intense argument she just up and

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Granted, I don't like broccoli, but Sandy's cheese sauce made the green veggie tolerably. However, once I discovered that the sauce contained

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The plastic spork was no match for fudge and marshmallow mixture. But under the circumstances, this hardly mattered. Barbara had been losing blood for nearly an hour.

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I was sitting in my office when I heard "Alalaaahhhhh" from somewhere. I looked out the window only to see a airplane fling scaringly low. I ran down the stairs yelling to everyone

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But in all seriousness, I am an eye person, which kind of sucks because the type of women I attract are usually too shy (or damaged?) to look you in the eye. They're always staring

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The gun was held up to her beloved chiwawa's head, finger on trigger and ready. Should she just accept his proposal of marriage after all? Oh, it was all too awful.

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