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Philip Alston, an official with the United Nations is decrying a Nigerian court decision to sentence a 50-year-old man to death by stoning after he admitted to having

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Tried and true. Ready and willing. Live and learn. The cliche-prone prostitutes

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In a village called Palm Spring, a nice but quite village. Live a young man called Harris Young. He just moved there and he open a small time grocery shop in a former old house.

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One day there was a girl named Bernice who was walking down the street. She was walking her dog who had a cone on his head. He had a cone on his head because he had recently been

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I was in my room, thinking that if the world im in is just a dream. I recently watched inception and thought that if i try to kill myself i could wake up but knew that this would b

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The Donkey was very large and looked like it could crash a whole town in a matter of minutes.

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The family was gathered around the table, like past Christmases. The table was set with Waterford crystal. Mother brought out the roasting pan. When she lifted the lid, a severed

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The terrible green snake darted forwards with impossible speed. The frightened girl squeezed her eyes shut. She heard the most sickening

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Some scenes that may have led to this decision to stop the telefilm include the portrayal of shirtless men talking in

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One of the doctors who caught the end of it said that he’d knocked down three of them before the last one hit him in the head with a brick.” “A brick!?” I yelped. The floodgates

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