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Baked goods were only one thing she could do. The owner of her building wondered how her gas bills could be so low, but fresh donuts had dulled his will to dig. Pyrokinetics did

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I am waiting for snow to come so that i will go out and make snow balls and snow mans and play with them throughout the night even giving up sleep. The snow is disappointing me

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Harvey flicked his tail, indicating his displeasure with Maude. Her soul shriveled into little pieces of burnt popcorn. She had served his usual filet mignon, cut into bite-sized

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"Climate Change!" he exclaimed. The room was silent. One by one, audience members raised they're hands, but before he could call on any, a figure appeared in the

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She was more attractive than most girls at my school and probably gave me the time of day because I was the only non-douche that would do the same to her. That’s the kind of thing

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Letter openers are just so boring. Especially the one I got as a St. Patty's Day gift. My uncle was cool like that; giving gifts on random holidays. Sadly he missed the mark with

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Didn't know you had one. You should have put it back. You have the warmth of a ketchup bottle at Denny's. Well go ahead and try. Just try. I'd like to see you give this

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A car alarm went off, in the street. "Who's idiot's car is it this time?", thought Matt. "They should come up with a better system. Who really hears these anymore?"

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I didn’t want to get out of the car and go back in the house. My rust colored El Camino’s battery was in the fifteenth round and was against the ropes pissing blood.

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As she walked down the hall, lights blinked out and flickered back on as she passed. To the casual observer, she was magic and scary, but close observation would reveal a shadow

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