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"The almighty dollar vs. the Almighty" read the marquee. How US currency got top billing over the Lord is a question

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Indiana was the last place Stephen expected to find his purpose in life. Meth labs, blighted rural towns, and false piety were the usual suspects for his expectations, but Stephen

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No one thinks I am smart but they are wrong. They just see a guy behind the video rental counter and think, dropout. But I am smart. And I know all their little foibles and

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Five minutes into the day she had that sinking feeling. She knew she had hired the wrong person. No more Gen Ys she promised herself. She should have seen it coming when

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I was in my room reading manga, Naruto and than as i was reading i saw that the character was coming out of the book. I was scared. I took out my fake shuriken and target his face

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A thousand little stories clawed free of his fingers; each of them an infectious, creeping epidemic of dark ideas. Each waiting to take root in minds unsuspecting and give rise to

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One day some teachers found an online version of 'consequences', everyone's favourite writing fluency game! One of them started a story for the others to see it, and then...

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I could feel my eyes begin to well up…The sickening feeling of tears running behind my face, into my nose and down the back of my throat. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t even gasp.

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My tooth was killing me, so I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and go to the dentist. A real one, not the one I went to last time in the alley behind FoodWay. In the waiting

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The 24 hour marathon of The Nanny episodes had taken it's toll. At last she stopped putting it off and booked a trip to Flushing NY. There she would tour the monuments to

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