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It was a clear, dark night and Plantman had just returned from his daily crime watch. He removed his nitrogen-fixing

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Ewan dodged into the cardboard box. His keen mouse ears trickled blood and his the darkness encroached. He sheathed his sword and kissed Monica for the final time. The gun dug into

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"I don't care what you say, I'll never like you like I used to," she yelled, slamming the door. I stood there, wondering about the words and whether or not

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Once upon a time there were magical hippos from the grand land of Germany. Every day they would hail Mexico and rule all of the minorities from the mother land then they would

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He stared at her as she wept and shook his head in disagreement. “I’ve told you numerous times that we cannot be together. I don’t understand why you must drag this out.”

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So your mother is so old she Dj-ed at the Boston Tea Party

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Truth be told, he had not expected to have been accepted into the experiment. The line outside the door had been long. Somehow, he had gotten himself noticed, perhaps by

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After a long silence, the cat jumps up to the sofa sitting between the man and the woman. Sleepless in Seattle is showing in the telly. Man mutes the telly,

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Prunella's father had warned her about the GIs she'd meet while working at the Canteen: "Overpaid, oversexed, and over here." But with bombs falling on London, caution seemed

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If ever there was a time to use his cell phone, this was it. But he had left his charger at home and the phone was dead. He squinted down the road and could just make out

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