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Once upon a time a guy bought a christmas tree at food lion and set it up in hell for satan and the demons to see. His brother bought tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra and while

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My name is Euphimia Handy, and this is my life story.... shall I start at the beginning then?... Well it all began in a little town called Ugaulbert in a little known country of...

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Dinosaurs were the biggest lie. He had worked his way to the top of the Smithsonian and knew that it was a shill for the CIA. So what, he finally had his black woman and so

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While normally it is difficult for me to begin writing, today was different. As I approached my keyboard hoping for a new subject, I became aware of a presence all around me.

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He proposed and offered me everything I've ever wanted. Security, comfort, never challenged, never worried. I turned him down. I wouldn't want a guy who wants a woman like that.

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The cat watched. It had all the time in the world. Not the mouse, though. It knew the gig was up, and so it moved into Plan B. It stood on his hind legs and

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The Great Bird Rebellion was set off by overcrowding. 24 birds in a pie! That's not even enough room to think much less move. Their first kill was the baker, then they went after

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Twenty miles of hard road lay between them. He watched her through his hunting partner's binoculars and wondered how many days it would take to catch up. And was it worth it?

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Jimmy's turn to get high. He grasped the glass pipe and admired its workmanship. Someone had put some love into it. He closed his eyes and began to nod hard, shattering the pipe

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She was incredibly relaxed for somebody who had just walked away from a four car pile-up. The cop checked his notes. "Is this right? The woman who died at the scene was your

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