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Are we truly alone in the universe? This was a question I was never forced to confront until tonight... This wasn't just news; This changed everything...

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The pianist sat naked at her keyboard and began to play. The crowd which had been scandalized by her nudity only a moment ago fell transfixed only by her fingers. Notes resonated

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We're a group of adventurers that travels across continents and through centuries in a helium balloon combating the League of Darkness - a conspiracy of powerful aristocrats who

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The semester was only half over for Stanley Krider and he’d already written off his students this term. A tenure-track associate professor of biology at the regional campus of

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...após muitos cliques e janelas abertas encontrei este folha pautada esperando por minhas letras que surgiam lentamente. Pensei imediatamente na possibilidade concreta de aplicaçã

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Felonious distractions moved by me in the club. It was legal for aliens to mate with humans until the first generation of mutants arrived, but now, that sort of thing costs money.

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Gregor's family did not mourn his passing. The next morning, however, they, too had transformed into giant beetles.

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"A FLYING SHARPIE, AHHH, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?" was the first thing that woke me up that morning. Literally the morning. "It's four am, SHUT UP AND SLEEP," I growled to my

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Sirens wailed. INTRUDER ALERT flashed on the console. 'But that's impossible!' huffed the technician, 'I sorted out the glitch.' Then the portal door slid open, revealing

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Old Jim never went back to the ship.

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