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It was Friday which meant that it was trash day. When I went out to my dumpster I heard a noise that sounded like a baby crying. I peeped into the nasty rubbish and found

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With hands in the jacket pockets to escape the autumn chill, I walked briskly to the dip in the road. No traffic this morning. Hardly ever is; only the Rosentraders and I live

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The sound of resonating crystal began at 3:33 am. The glass next to my bed, half full of wine vibrated and rang. I noticed, along it's edge a trail of fleeting condensation, as if

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"Coffee - and Irish it up for me," said the man in the bright blue jump suit. He didn't strike the waitress as

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Her name was Ziva and we were sitting indian-style, holding hands under the most gorgeous red sunset I had ever seen when suddenly

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Sepia toned, haunting lullabies poured forth from a steely guitar while the brassy voice of the singer stirred us.

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Steve walked wearily down the street, his brim pulled way down low. Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet, Machine guns ready to

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It all started with a thump. Then a ding. And a swish. Next a fromp and a womp womp. It was terribly unimaginative but

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"Have excess bodily fluids? Donate to the Red Cross!" she reads over the PA system during homeroom. I pause, then

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Our story begins as such. Around Thanksgiving I was to supply the turkey for my family. It was of large stature to be honest. Hell I don't how I got it in the house to begin with.

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