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She was dripping with sarcasm, fragrant oils and very little else. It was how he liked to see his girlfriend, but she would do for the night instead. If his clothes had been

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The halloween candy bucket still lay at his feet as he gazed over the array of corpses that lay in a pattern consistent with the general arc of his scream. Banshee? What did that

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The bird fluttered onto my window sill and pecked away at my will to live. Each knock on the window pane was a reminder of the tequila I'd hoped to forget, but she was there, so

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They don't know that I'm watching them. I see everything they do. And I can hear everything they say. I've been spying on them since

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Billy wanted the torment to end. He told his AV club colleagues and faculty sponsor that the video Sam had secretly made of him while he wore his wrestling uniform needed to

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She has a habit of tasting other people's food without their permission. It wouldn't be so bad if she'd order herself more than a glass of water before filling up on our samples.

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As she walked down the all too familiar corridors of the HS, it amazed her that the faces all looked so familiar, yet she didn't know any of them. Could it be that there is one set

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Why can't we combine toilets in showers? Just think, no need for toilet paper, the sound of water covering the flatulence and saving you the embarrassment of showing face after

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Rock, paper, scissors... shoot!

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