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50, 60 , 70, 80 and slam into fifth gear. Wind smacked him in the face, including a sea gull which bounced off his helmet. He angled higher, and then gritted his dentures. Now

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"Do the truffle-shuffle!" we pleaded. However, all of our efforts in convincing Nathan his 7th grade picture made him look like Chunk from the Goonies were in vain.

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I am awesome

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In the offices of the Allen County Highway Department, Construction Manager Michelle Schmidt was sitting at her desk looking at site photos and engineering schematics and various

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I see her all time online, but don;t know when we'll meet. We vChat all day but its confusing. Should we commit or not commit. It's hard to make decisions...

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A group of about 50 religious protesters marched around the circle for about two hours at the beginning of the celebration carrying signs that said,

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Globalization is not an even process, but occurs on many levels simultaneously and with different levels of

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A rapier's wit, as it turned out, was no match for an actual rapier. He found himself buckling as his boots swashed blood and utter lack of control onto the planks. A writer had no

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Nina winced as the reverberations from the slammed door reverberated around the room, making her chair shudder. That was that, then. She'd just have to

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Rintik hujan menetes penuh irama Alunkan nada sendu dalam kesyahduan Sekuntum mawar merah merekah Tebarkan wangi penuh pesona

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