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You & I are like ice cream & pie. You make me feel all... a la mode! We're so different. And yet my crunch & your cream make a delectable team, don't you think? I wish you & I were

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Absolutely the worst thing he had ever done was to look inside that case. He should have known from the stench

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Carl had been working for his boss for twenty years. He'd worked his way up from coal miner to vice president of operations. Then his boss' son fumbled into the company and took

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As the little people began there dance, the unicorn continued to beg for more. How could this be so?

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Marsh supermarkets would sell homogenized milk with caps that said "HOMO" on top. I thought they were hilarious and collected a bunch of them – and kept them for 20 years before I

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"Everyone sucks. The world sucks. Buying stupid crap sucks, after a while. The majority of the crayons in the box suck," then he stopped. His son was only four and looked upset

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The worst part of it all is that my husband now looks at me with a tinge of disappointment in the back of his glance - mixed with anxiety about the future. He blames himself, but

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So he broke down and bought the nook. When he turned it on their was a message. It was strange because the message from a dead person named Ralphie. The message

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Por fin se acerca el 31 de Diciembre y en toda la casa ya se respira el olor a fiesta.

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Grandmother turned her head just a little too far to still be alive, and to still be human. The sound of bones grinding and popping as she did, also didn't help her convince me

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