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A feeling of unease took hold of me as I noted that I was surrounded by ironic kids in bad clothes. I had somehow wandered into a den of hipsters. One of them offered me a PBR

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"Pickled onions are quite a tasty snack", said Darryl, finishing off a whole jar of his wife's home made fayre. "Slow down, Dar!" said Anita, shocked at her husband's gobbling.

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Her room mate hates the word "vagina," which makes how-was-your-day conversations awkward as she works as a physician's assistant for a gynecologist. So euphamisms are a way of

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Her crayons ground out a foreboding warning on the page. Her parents and principle called a meeting to decide how to get her to draw rainbows, but there were no rainbows in hell.

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I told you before that when you want something done, you hire three contractors for peanuts and give the massive bonus to whomever succeeds first.

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David and Vic were farmers with adjoining property. They had been fighting for several years about water rights. Vic passed David while driving his truck and became angry when

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The BEATles. Not Beetles, B E A T les. They changed the name to incorporate something musical. Some kind of group of musical insects or something. Why some ass had to kill one

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There was recently a major release of substances from a waste disposal site in the county. Owen is the current owner of the site; Fred is a former owner. Hap is the producer of the

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the bathroom tiles where cold on her feet. she sat on the lip of the bath tub, listening to the tick tock of the kitchen timer waiting for the sign. he stood outside the door

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these pretzels are making me thirsty!

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