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Jim walked to the end of the block and turned into the alley. He knew she was following him. He wanted her to. She'd been watching him for days. He went for his gun but she was

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The water bubbled, like outta some kinda sci fi movie, and Martha just stared at it, certain that if she stared long enough, Devin would crawl back out. She could still taste

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Number crunching, it looked like the company could afford any of the options, but the

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He saw green blood. Most people would run, but he was Austrian! He wanted to calm the muscular sweating Indian so he said, "If it bleeds, we can kill it." But the blood

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The fletcher handed a silver tipped arrow to him. They'd never hit their mark, but they had to appear valuable enough that they would not be wasted when the sheriff came to check

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Eleven minutes ago his world ended, but he was standing there in the office telling jokes. Had he known, he'd have been swallowing a bullet or climbing the 10 foot roof fence.

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RUN! The secretaries looked puzzled. I SAID RUN! The man burst through the door and headed straight for the window. The secretaries saw what was behind him and

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Treaties signed, the president walked down the hall. Y2k had gone well and the American people were worried about almost nothing. The budget surplus and economic prosperity were

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Once upon a time there waz a duck that triped and fell and couldnt get up

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There was nowhere left to go, the evil easter bunnies were close upon them. Dillis tried her best to poke them away with her 15cm knitting needles, but nothing helped. It was

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