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The ship smashed against the rocks. Severed heads rolled out of the chest. This is where the captain has been hiding his friends. I took the torch and waved it at

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Every time he helped her, his stomach started to hurt. It wasn't that he was worried about knowing, but her anxiety over failing was infectious and the constant encouragement wore

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And the nominees for the best porn video title inspired by a mainstream movie name are

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Whereupon the intruder turned to me and said

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Carrot Top's face finally fell off. I was there to see it. You're probably wondering why I am even admitting that I attended one of shows. That's fair, but you must understand:

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Hitler had insulted Einstein's mom for the last time.

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I paused, not knowing what to say. When my Mother dropped the bomb on me about the divorce, I just left him there. I really hoped I'd never have to live that down. Sure, he was a

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The geography of the area was working against the road builders of the 19th and 20th centuries, who were hellbent on draining the swamps to expose the rich black mucky

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The doorbell rang. She rocketed up from seven layers of sleep, confused; No one had this address. "Ma'am, we're digging a ditch across your driveway. If you want out, you'll need

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Snow settled on the pines behind his house. Trent never really paid attention to that shit anymore. It was nice to look at for the first year, but time had hoovered all the novelty

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