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She dreaded going to the mailbox for fear that there would be more of the same...bills.

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So the large leather-faced woman began to scream and squeal. The elephant had stepped on her hand as she reached

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She was mid-air in the plane, when she realized she had boarded the wrong plane and now she was on her way to China instead on California.

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Cyndi hated it when you misspelled her name. She wasn't Cynthia or Cindy. Her insistence on the right spelling landed her in trouble last Tuesday, when

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"Jump", the old man yelled to his grandson, who was standing on the edge of the pool with a big question mark on his face. He sighed: "Please do not tell me you have the same weak

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He didn't get up to give her the seat. Screw her. Screw her and her inability to control her stomach. She used to be hot but now she was a pig. Well, he no longer had to be

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Wythes radiates a calm confidence, while his solid posture, tall stature and playful spirit hint more at his basketball-playing youthful past than reality: Wythes will celebrate hi

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She left me. Alone. Broken. I was paralyzed. Why? Why would she leave and take everything that mattered to me with her? Will she ever come back? I told my self she would but

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I couldn't sleep at all last night. I was worried about the file. Finally, at 5:30 am, I jumped out of bed and took off in my car to do whatever I could to remedy the situation

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This is a distress call from spaceflight Yi-R-San. We've been hit by something. We need help, we're stuck ! Is anyone there? May-Day! If you're out there: we were hit by a giant

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