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Jaimie cleaned his mustache. His reflection said FRAUD. Big fraud. He and Adam were world-famous, but no one knew. No one knew they were lovers. The audience was so homophobic

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This has been my morning ritual ever since that the day it came back from the dry cleaners all stretched out of shape and with a peculiar odor I couldn't put my finger on.... But

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Henry usually found TaeBo a bit beneath him. After all, he had served in the Navy Seals, enduring what he imagined to be much worse than anything Tanya the TaeBo instructor might

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One day, there lived a little snowman, in the snow and it was very cold. The best thing was it's winter. But it felt bit sad, for it will melt away when the sun comes out.

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Such a fall had never been attempted, at least not with the intent to live. Who would be fool enough to expect survival when sky diving without a parachute, but he'd seen it done.

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He considered himself lazy and spiritual. This is why he was a huge follower of "The Secret." All he had to do was think about stuff and it would happen. His favorite place to

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She was coming to spend the weekend at the ski house we rented. I had heard all the stories about her exploits and was ready to try my luck. I was so nervous, what if she

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Piotr, Pedro, Peder, Peter...none of these rhymed with psychopath, but that's the first thing Pete thought of when he said his own name. Was it his fault he had a talent for

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I think that nachos are yummy. They are cheesy and they have a bold flavor. I think the chips compliment the cheesy madness. Also if you add some jalepenos it will be spicy.

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Looking back on it all now, I realize that there are still questions I couldn't answer, solutions I couldn't offer, revisions I wished I'd proposed. The awful truth was that the

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