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He considered himself lazy and spiritual. This is why he was a huge follower of "The Secret." All he had to do was think about stuff and it would happen. His favorite place to

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She was coming to spend the weekend at the ski house we rented. I had heard all the stories about her exploits and was ready to try my luck. I was so nervous, what if she

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Piotr, Pedro, Peder, Peter...none of these rhymed with psychopath, but that's the first thing Pete thought of when he said his own name. Was it his fault he had a talent for

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I think that nachos are yummy. They are cheesy and they have a bold flavor. I think the chips compliment the cheesy madness. Also if you add some jalepenos it will be spicy.

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Looking back on it all now, I realize that there are still questions I couldn't answer, solutions I couldn't offer, revisions I wished I'd proposed. The awful truth was that the

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She meandered down the aisles, looking for that perfect gift. It had to be strong, but elegant. Versatile and unique. She frowned. There were so many options at Spatula City...

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Are we truly alone in the universe? This was a question I was never forced to confront until tonight... This wasn't just news; This changed everything...

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The pianist sat naked at her keyboard and began to play. The crowd which had been scandalized by her nudity only a moment ago fell transfixed only by her fingers. Notes resonated

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We're a group of adventurers that travels across continents and through centuries in a helium balloon combating the League of Darkness - a conspiracy of powerful aristocrats who

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The semester was only half over for Stanley Krider and he’d already written off his students this term. A tenure-track associate professor of biology at the regional campus of

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