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The Marquis strode through the courtyard searching for his lost wench. His manservant would be whipped severely if she had escaped the camp. Women were hard to come by north of

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The Lady laughed like a mirthful child, tossing her hair and singing songs about puppies as she slowly dragged his naked body, feet-first, towards the industrial sized wood-chipper

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Every year hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants make the perilous trek across the U.S.-Mexican border, risking arrest, detention and the threat of abuse as they seek

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For many college students, the holiday season is the time to trek home to visit the family, reap loads of gifts and spend time away from that special

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Her parents worked from dawn until dusk. Her mother went to mass everyday. All the money they had thrown at her could not change the simple fact: she was a monster that could

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Great! Roberta's boyfiend had given her a pet monkey and no animals were allowed in her building. OInly one place to hide it. In the

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"My love for you is unending," she cried, as he gulped the last bit of his beer. "Chandra," he stated flatly, "Writing my name in bathroom stalls does not mean you love me."

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That's when the guy in the seat next to me let out a big, smelly fart! I was horrified, I was mortified I was

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They missed the last ferry home because her dad was on the toilet and refused to let them leave until he was done. No courtesy flush meant the stench was palpable when

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