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She touched the knot behind her ear and rubbed them. They ached from the strain of the week's stresses. After a moment, a tiny door opened beneath her fingers and her eyes glowed

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One day there was a rapper named Drake. He knew that Nello was his biggest fan, so he flew to California from Toronto, just to meet his biggest fan. He knocked on her door...

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When he sat in the chair the world zoomed around him. It was like watching a movie in fast forward. He stood up and noticed that 100 years had gone by. His wife was dead now and

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Once upon a time there was a young hippopotamus girl called Zoe, she was walking through an Urban jungle called Camden...

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The orange jumpsuit and grease-slicked hair made my brother look for all the world like the worthless punk he was. His nonchalance pissed off the judge enough that

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There is no such thing as chaos, only looking too closely at order. When you pull away and see the symmetry of the big picture, tiny rippled just become part of one big ocean.

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Chemicals incinerated his eyes and nose and stopped him dead in the doorway. Nothing had prepared him for hydrochloric acid and month old rot stew that coalesced in the bath tub.

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He sat at his computer, his mouth dropped open as he read a posting from that slut. She had posted not only the picture but a story, which left nothing to the imagination, but it

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Thirty-five pizza box were stacked near the five years of newspapers and the egg cartons organized by color, farm and manufacturer. When Estell found Amazon Fresh, it was the last

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Kara sighed. Her room mate was late. Again. She took out her phone and dialed her number. Voicemail. She

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