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Had I figured it out a year later, I wouldn't have had so much trouble, but as it is, my therapist thinks I'm crazy. I don't understand. I only asked if it could be fixed. Sheesh!

Finished: 1/21/11 @ 23:58
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It was a sign. Slowly, slowly, the world was coming around to my way of thinking. I always put the salt in the shaker with fewer holes, pepper in the other. It just makes better

Finished: 1/21/11 @ 23:50
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So check out this trippy dream I had. I fell asleep with the TV on & there must've been some infomercial playing cause in the dream I'm rubbing a shake-weight with a ShamWow when a

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I have a strange feelings, a sensational that has said every moment of my life, this low silence is killing my eardrum and lethargy of loneliness is squeezing my throat..

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The governing body that supervises wizards is called the High Council. The Council enforces the rules and makes certain that nobody ever knows what’s going on in the

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The neurological injury meant she would be stuck at nine, with no persisting memory of anyone but her mom. After that, the 1st time she saw her dad, she screamed stranger danger

Finished: 1/20/11 @ 05:33
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I always thought that laughter was the best medicine until I heard that Dwayne choked on a gobstopper after hearing the latest Lindsay Lohan joke.

Finished: 1/19/11 @ 23:31
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Nothing ever starts where we think it does. So of course this doesn't begin with the vicious and cowardly murder of an FBI agent and good friend named Susy Cute. What happened was

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Kay's shoppe was an orgy of twee. She specialized in Hummel figurines, Teddy bears, and calico tea cozies. Collectors came from around the world to

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They say you're supposed to clap your hands if you believe in fairies. That wasn't my problem; I believed in fairies ever since that one time the foul-tempered things actually

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