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Eating four bean salad before a meeting was a very bad idea. She kept going on and on and won't shut up. If I moved

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With a Fluff-a-Nutter sandwich in hand I decided it was time to

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It was 7:30 in the AM and 10 below, but there we were standing on top of the mountain in our

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Her hair was red like fire, and glistened in the sun. She was the last of them - the Gingers. Soon to expire, soon

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She turned to me with a look in her eyes that said come and get me. And frankly, how could I refuse?

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Simon woke up one day at the sound of a bloody, mangled hand scratching at his window. Moans were echoed outside. He got

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It was Friday and muggy. He kicked off his shoes, loosened his neck-tie and poured himself a whiskey. Just as he sat

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Tonight is an excellent night for murder. It's beautiful outside, crisp with the fall wind adding an edge to the world. And she will love it as I will-for her it will be

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Jumping up quickly after the blast, he couldn't believe his eyes. There was nothing left. Just ten seconds ago he had been enjoying

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Joe wondered why he was still sitting in the stands as the game entered the 16th inning. Maybe

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