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Benoondict Khanderbatch sat on the bridge of the ReallyBIgShipthat'sNOTtheReliant and brooded. Something was terribly wrong with reality, but he couldn't put his finger on exactly

Finished: 8/3/18 @ 16:59
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Having just completed my meta-analysis of all 84,025 folds to date, and correcting for coincidence, collusion, and allowed randomization, I have concluded that

Finished: 8/1/18 @ 15:12
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The Department of Defense needed to get away from the controversial drone program. What they needed was solo armored divisions. They needed Combat Segways, and we were ready.

Finished: 8/1/18 @ 15:08
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A third culture kid

Finished: 7/31/18 @ 01:26
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I'm sitting on the couch; my dog's been snoring for the last 15 minutes. All at once he began flicking his paws back and forth while growling, mouth half closed. This was another

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As an artist, I am often questioned about the thought process that I enabled me to come up with my unique structures. My most recent work is being unveiled in the square of the

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My mother was a ballerina, and she was Going Places, but then I was born and she realized her true passion lay in making tiny origami statues.

Finished: 7/29/18 @ 20:05
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I backed away slowly from the woman. She was really starting to freaking me out. Despite what pop songs will tell you, "Shut up and dance with me" is not an acceptable pick-up line

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Adam was starving by the time the lunch bell rang. He rushed to the cafeteria and saw

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Black beans, black beans, have you any wool? Yessir, yessir, uracil.

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