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Zombies are functioning members of our society, just like you and me. Now I don't want to hear any complaints about prejudice, because after all, we are all equal. Except they get

Finished: 12/7/18 @ 18:58
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Listen up Tony. Rule #1 of ABC construction. Start the noisiest work of the day at 6 am sharp so people know you arrived at work. Tony eagerly put on his ear protection

Finished: 12/7/18 @ 16:27
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As I sit here in his sweat shirt smiling at the thought of him, jack came to my mind and how he would react to this. Jack is controlling and protective but he's sweet too. I love

Finished: 12/7/18 @ 16:19
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"Sorry, stud, I didn't catch your name." "I'm just a pool boy, I need no sympathy. It's Amir, by the way." Ahhh, Amir. That wouldn't have been Gloria's first guess, so it's a good

Finished: 12/7/18 @ 16:11
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The experience was both cute and terrifying at the same time.

Finished: 12/7/18 @ 02:50
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As the night before Finals dragged on like a bleeding slab of roadkill, free-college-essays.com started to look more and more appealing.

Finished: 12/6/18 @ 22:48
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I'm on a roll! I've folded so many stories that I'm gonna annihilate the website servers! Then that will allow me to gain control over the whole writing world! Hahahahaha!

Finished: 12/6/18 @ 22:42
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Thanks to the Motoloungerâ„¢ you never leave the comfort of your own recliner. It tops out at 20 mi/hr & has a mount for golfbag, a beer tap and a pouch for the remote control.

Finished: 12/6/18 @ 22:35
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I tentatively removed a wooden block and the tower came crashing down. It released a puff of red smoke that negotiated its way up Sarah's nose. She

Finished: 12/6/18 @ 20:21
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What is it with you teenagers these days? Seriously.Life is really not as bad as you think.Don't listen to what the media tells you.The world is yours,Chicas, and everything in it.

Finished: 12/4/18 @ 18:19