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This is a tale about the most terrifying anglo-saxon monster to ever walk the earth. Well I say walk but this monster glides!

Finished: 9/21/19 @ 23:46
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He stroked his facial hair. Flashes popped. The press leaned in. The pause was like a silent avalanche. Then the musician said, "I call it Post-Electric Samba Folk."

Finished: 9/18/19 @ 11:45
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Damn. Pau Gasol is sooooo se-xxxyyyy. Mmmmmm... Sus bolas de regate son como la poesía en el movimiento. Creo que estoy enamorado. Go Lakers!

Finished: 9/17/19 @ 16:48
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The men in white painter overalls pulled on smurf masks & entered the jewelry store. A woman in a smurfette mask yelled. "Everyone on the floor. This is a smurf up!" & brandished

Finished: 9/14/19 @ 20:55
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I live in a world where the sun and the moon race each other for the happiness humanity. Yesterday for the first time in a while the moon shined so bright that darkness was jealous

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Why is it that when the first thing we want to learn in a foreign language is new swear words? You travel & can't ask for directions but can call people mofos?

Finished: 9/14/19 @ 13:48
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We'd watched Stripes, Full Metal Jacket, crushed a few too many beers & put in work on a handle of Jack. I said "Seriously; don't do it. Canada has free health care & nice breezes.

Finished: 9/13/19 @ 12:57
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"Feather me this, feather me that. The feather weaver has got your back," the madman chuckled, his arms frollicking and his eyebrows dancing. There were feathers... everywhere.

Finished: 9/12/19 @ 01:02
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Amanda Widdershins looked around at her new apartment: modern, reasonably well made, good view of the city lights, but sterile somehow compared to the farmhouse she had sold. She

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My uncle was obsequious, purple & clairvoyant, pompous, obese & ate cactus, dull, boring & omnipresent & criticized things he didn't know about. "He needs his knees removed!" said

Finished: 9/8/19 @ 17:46