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One brisk and hazy but bright morning between winter and summer, Cookie Monster, E.T., and Yoda walked into a Charbucks and got into the line.

Finished: 6/7/18 @ 23:13
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Who would have thought that Yuru was capable of murder in cold blood! He looked away from the monitor, his eyes tired and sleepy after looking at a screen for 167 years.

Finished: 6/7/18 @ 18:33
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Music floated through the grand double doors. Through the glass windows Elena could see the many layers of twirling satin and sparking jewelry as women with flushed cheeks spun...

Finished: 6/7/18 @ 17:59
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He used a sock puppet to pick up beautiful women.

Finished: 6/7/18 @ 01:40
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"Let me tell you about the Potato Republic!"

Finished: 6/7/18 @ 00:24
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"Today on Mythbusters: We team up with the Ghostbusters to see if Ghosts really do exist! And Adam eats Marshmallows. Lots of Marshmalows.

Finished: 6/6/18 @ 19:33
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I heard this story, bit by bit,from various people, &, as usually happens in such cases,each time it was different but each time just as true, but it alway started with the spatula

Finished: 6/6/18 @ 16:04
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Okay you little rags in the dirt. Listen up because I won't repeat myself:

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"He's alive!"Shouted the mad scientist.He had just made a Dracula alive with mad science,with his small brain of his.Dracula rose up,look around and soon,3-headed Hellhounds enter.

Finished: 6/6/18 @ 00:36
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"je vais aller en france l'anee prochaine" he whispered to me. I didnt speak french but i knew what he was saying. He's leaving me.

Finished: 6/5/18 @ 12:47