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"One thing I worry about," he confided at an FSA meeting, "is the mix-and-match, anything-goes stuff. You know, there was some sick Dadaism before the horrors a hundred years ago."

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But the cookies had all fallen on the floor. Seth said nothing. Stacked back on the plate Sarah grabbed one. "MMMMmm...what the?" She pulled a three foot blonde hair out of her

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Our host handed out the blasters. "If any of you should linger one full week on Earth, the estate will award you $10,000! The shuttles have gone, the gates are closed. Good luck!"

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James felt the scarlet knife slide out of his hand.

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I watched as I floated away from my mother. Who knew being a polar bear could be so tough? I couldn't swim to her, and she couldn't exactly swim to me either. There was a huge

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First Santa came in. The dalek entered through the window. The fight over presents and world destruction began. Santa flung candy canes as the dalek tried to exterminate him. Th

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In 1963 a dutch company called Philips developed the cassette tape. It turns out that on these early tapes they recorded their startling company manifesto on an extra track. The

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Jack, the official hospital clown, was glad to have a job after graduating the School of Clownomics. His father said, "Now you can pay rent and student loans, no more sponging."

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Isla double-checked--pouring vodka on her rice crispies wasn't listed as one of the seven habits of highly people.

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I tell you intelligence is a curse. Look at me. I used to be among the heavenly host, looked upon with favor by the Almighty, but I could see that Eden could be so much more if

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