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جلست سارة في منزلها وحيدة، غرفة المعيشة مظلمة إلّا من ضوء القمر الذي أشع من النافذة. ترتشف من قهوتها في الظلام الدامس، و إذا بها تسمع صوتاً مخيفاً قادم من حيث تعلّقت صورة جدّتها.

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There was a story claimed the "Greatest Story in the World." But when Dr. Bushwhacker revised it, the claim was proven wrong.

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There once was a transvestite from Nantucket, whose

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انطلق الفارس على جواده عبر الحقول و الغابات، خيله يصهل و هو باحثاً عن أميرته، يقف التنّين مقابله و هو ينفخ لهيباً من النار الحارقة، بينما تنظر الساحرة من نافذتها اعلى القلعة ضاحكة

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I should have filled my summer house with crack cocaine and pimp tattoo sex freaks. I called my real estate agent and proposed

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In a distant mental asylym the waited fall had arrived. it's been 4 years and now it's time for the competition. consisting of 4 events. The first was

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I was rollerblading in front of my house at top speed carrying a huge pot of boiling water. Suddenly

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The creature's name was Despair but everybody in the neighborhood called her Felicia. They treated her like any other around the way girl. They didn't want her around unless they w

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Coleopterametamorphobia: fear of being transformed into a beetle is a rare condition whchi caused F.'s insomnia. While the family cocooned for the Winter, F. wrote his epos "The

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He placed the stranger's child right next to the folding star in the swimming pool library, hoping some thieving boy would not steal cast a spell upon him. The line of beauty, he

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