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"Oh your gonna miss me, baby. And I'll be so far away"

Finished: 3/29/19 @ 11:06
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Every Thursday morning, Mrs Frobisher had an appointment at 10.30. She tried to be punctual. Mrs Frobisher detested people who did not pay proper attention to time. So rude.

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It round midnight & I was sitting at the piano diminishing some sevenths and walking the bass line. Autumn leaves were falling out of the window. So what? I thought to myself, it's

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Hey - listen up Parents of the World. Just cuz I'm a lil kid doesn't mean I don't have stuff to say. Next time you guys "stay together" for us kids, do us favor, huh, and DON'T.

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Andrew climbed the stairs. He had been climbing for hours, but there seemed to be no end to this stairwell. Just as he was about to give up, however,

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The postcard said: Meet me at the Bleeding Heart, Holborn. Don't wear a coat and bring the book with you - Dmitri.

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Okay guys, should I or should I not eat this doughnut?

Finished: 3/27/19 @ 18:11
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Don loved his duck who advised him in all manner of life's ups and downs, and so on the day of his court appearance on charges of insobriety he smuggled in some brewskies and Daffy

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I am VERY mad at you! What we're you thinking when you

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Then she put a deep fried hard boiled egg in front of me and I didn't know what to do.

Finished: 3/26/19 @ 17:21