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"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I said as I nodded disapprovingly at the startled student.

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Austin Dental Bridge: A New Look It is the era of beauty consciousness everywhere. All that people worry all over the world is majorly about how they look. A woman who does not hav

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I don't go to the casino to gamble, I go to drink. In peace. Nowhere else in this fuckhole of a city can you get peace at 3.30am. I drink. And I think. Some of my best thoughts

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There once was a boy who wanted a friend. He wasn't sure how to go about asking someone to be his friend.

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"It's an interesting case, Detective. Apparently this news crew was filming a man being mauled and shredded by feral cats, when they were all blind-sided by something -- else."

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I woke up this morning feeling really happy. Maybe too happy. I reached for my copy of M Kundera's "The Unbearable Lightness of Being". After reading just one chapter, the misery

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ARPB Board minutes. January 12, 2013. Council member Jones presented his proposal for impeachment. Charmain Donnely yelled and threw a chair. Bailiff Stuggart restrained Chairman

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Mr. Wong secretly funded production of his Chinese fire drill table which rotated every 5 min so every person sat next to every other person during a dinner party with Mrs. Wong's

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I'm testing the site for a workshop for teachers in May.

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I didn't forget to remember that I forgot, I still remember that. What I still don't remember is what was forgotten. As of now, I think it has only been forgotten once. Unless I fo

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