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I woke up this morning feeling like Death itself. I could barely get myself out of bed, but I knew that I had to. There was a big day ahead; food to prepare, people to get ready

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Once upon a time in a land not very far away, there lived a boy.

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"It's a prawn appeal" whispered the black-eyed shrimp, "against their sentence for crimes against mollusculinity". "What?" replied the outraged reported, "But they haven't even bee

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The swords edge was as sharp as hell, the steel itself burned with the hatred of the hundreds of souls it had taken out of this world and put in the next. always it was warm to the

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Canada, where a good warm winter parka is 1000$ , and what was once affordable for the middle class is now financial suicide for most: i.e. owning a house, hard wood furniture, qua

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"Itchy face. Stom's a brewin" screeched old Aunt Esther. The rusted wheels of her scooter stalled in a pile of cat feces just as she tried to ram me. I took a drag off her cig and

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why am i here

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He was bloated bald-headed man who like Copenhagan and Bull Terriers. Not at the same time of course. He drove a silver Honda fit like a bat out of Hell. He wanted to be the

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Ordinarily, I would eat my meat before eating my pudding, but on this one particular day, when Vanilla Crème was the pudding flavor, I acted extraordinarily and ate my pudding 1st.

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