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If I don't harry up, I will be late.

Finished: 1/30/21 @ 01:02
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When Death comes a-knocking, greet him with a glass of sherry and a fist full of prawns. Then dance, dance, dance on the way up that long, long hill to eternity. I'm just sayin'

Finished: 1/29/21 @ 15:53
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Study finds that multi-tasking is associated with fewer brain cells. "Well, well, well." said Prof. Abalone. "What a BIG surprise." He started to laugh and unhinged his bivalve

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In late January

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The gold I found in the purse under Mme de Veau's pillow funded my lavish expedition to find the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary in its native habitat. My ship sailed from Constantinople

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Sometimes when the time is right, a moon droplet would be squeezed from the moon due to the Earth's gravitational pull and land on to the Earth's surface. This time it landed on

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Joaquin Dix scanned the field. He saw Hakeem Nicks come open across the middle just as Akiem Hicks hit him from behind. Akeem tackled Hakeem while Akiem roughed up Joaquin.

Finished: 1/20/21 @ 23:27
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Every time Madame Banane entered the bowl of shredded wheats, she became engulfed in a milky whirlpool. Sick of always swimming around, she decided to make a clean break.

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How to make America great...again. 1--bring back nickel beer at football games. 2--only hire women who have naturally humongous breasts to work at Hooters. 3--Make the wolf whistle

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Bubba lived in a trailer in Georgia. He was on holiday, watching telly and eating a packet of crisps when he realized something was wrong. "What in tarnation?!" He went outside to

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