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Her life started like any other, she was born in a hospital. Her older sister waiting anticipating the arrival of her younger sibling. Then finally the anticipation was paid off.

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The two megabankers circled each other on the roof of Shanghai Tower. "Crumley, isn't it strange that eleven of us have had 'accidental' deaths in the past month?" Moore inquired

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Is flying a kite 'like the gusting spirit in you which you hold down earthed and so rising up on a taut life line?" or is it just flying a kite? You and the wind as one?

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He was a network engineer. A happy network engineer until he fell in love with Karla, an experienced veterinarian,who at the time was being harrassed by David, a sadistic novelist.

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One fine day I sat out on my balcony reading book after book. Hour after hour went by without me noticing the change in weather.

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He took a sip of his iced-tea and slowly swung in his hammock. He felt the summer sun dapple through the trees and heard the soft buzz of predator quad drones approaching rapidly.

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These were racist robots that could change into different vehicles, they were called Klansformers.

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By 4:04PM today, I will get my abilities back in full, and everything that is needed, to fix me. But if tomorrow never happens, then Time will stand still. People would interrupt

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I love to eat lemons in the spring time

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Aaaaaaah! The delights of scab picking. It shouldn't feel so good to self mutilate surely it goes against the logic of allowing your body to heal but yet

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