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The best I can explain the feeling is like somewhere between getting the birds 'n the bees talk from your parents and starting off the breakup talk with a long-time partner. It's

Finished: 6/22/17 @ 17:55
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What happens when you get bit bt a snowman mixed with a vampire? Frost bite.

Finished: 6/21/17 @ 14:02
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In order to be a serial killer you can't want to really be one. All those losers who try to be a serial killer are by definition not real serial killers. They aren't worth discussi

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Chris was as big as the side of a house. At birth, he was

Finished: 6/20/17 @ 14:40
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"Chimpanzees who travel long distances have broader minds and are more likely to use tools". Abe wooped at the archival headline. He was on a relativistic ramjet to Kepler 186f

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The crowd fell silent as a dour-looking nun took the stage with a microphone. "Hello all, and welcome to St. Michael and St. John's Elementary 3rd grade production of 'Equus'.

Finished: 6/19/17 @ 21:37
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*Gasp* The crowd gasped as a dark shadow grew over the city. Peter Parker looked at the source of the shadow and gasped. He took off his glasses and ripped his shirt. It was time.

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I don't want to do it. Don't make me, please. I can barely string a sentence together, let alone

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One day there were these fab girls walking down the PMS hallway. All of a sudden, a new kid walked around the corner. Man, was he cute!

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I had enough of it this time. This time I had to stand up for myself

Finished: 6/19/17 @ 01:24