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"Frobonate your tuckets, my snockeled Jabadoons, its time to let your plungynogs dungle and leave your gingloid snuffus in the loognardy." I didn't see any tuckets I'd frobonate

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Pa pointed to the still. "Son, I want you to use your eyes to heat up that still, then fly these barrels to the county line." This was how Pa would get Clark into Moonshining

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"Don't stay in a relationship without love," the Toyota ad said on the TV. Dido shook Dave awake. "Do you agree?" she asked. "Yes," he replied, "and no." Dido nodded her head. "As

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Once upon a time there was a mentally retarded young boy named Tom. Tom lacked the mental capacity for common sense. For example, immediately after seeing a tomato being sliced,

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While doing a weekly cleaming, Madame Dujardin received a package by pigeon post from a M. Veloux at 32 Ave. De Chaussoise. She opened it and found the following: 1. A book titled

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The world has ended because of. . . .

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With my shades all around me I sent my Will out to see you in your places, times, and seasons. My Will should have been back by now at the end of your places, times, and seasons.

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Dearest Caleb, [enter][tab] Missionary work blows. The natives of Heekum Holkum won't stop poking my laptop. It's like they've never seen a non-touch screen before. I prayed for

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Hell is taking up more and more of Heaven's operating budget which is why there are so few miracles anymore. With all the laws of nature that a miracle takes, the fines quickly add

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