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All hope seemed to be lost. But that was not true. Because, where CAPTAIN MISSOURI is, hope is with him.

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He used to get a Christmas card every year from the jolly old elf, but now their relationship was strained. "He never writes." muttered Krampus.

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This a story of a boy who neve grew up

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Jane stretched and rubbed her eyes. The had fallen asleep last night with list in her hand. She smiled when she read it. "New Year Resolution 1: Wake up."

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I am a prodigy. That's what they call me now. I am no longer Samantha Alberts. I have changed, crowned with power. I am

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I was walking down the beach, soaking in the summer, salty air when my phone rang. It was unexpected. It whipped me out of my day dreaming. I quickly go to answer it and I was shoc

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The local wildlife keeps finding its way into my house, no matter how well I try to secure it. Just this morning, I awoke to a buck sniffing at my laptop, and a raccoon sifting thr

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Nathusius Pipistrelle set out from Blagdon to Oct. 4 2012 to visit his distant cousin, Vespadelus Pipistrelle who lived in a bat box in Schiermonnikoog. It was a trecherous journey

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If I go to bed now,

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