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Drusilla was wearing a ring. In the middle of the ring was a fabulous pearl. "It's the Pearl of Lao Tzu," she told Dominika. "Whoever wears this pearl shall have great fortune and

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These two join Bert & Ernie and Peppermint Patty & Marcie in my childhood pantheon of same-sex couples. They are

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From my mind, through my fingers, into the CPU via keyboard, across the internet, into your CPU, onto your screen, read by your eyes, and into your mind, comes

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'I observe that the plate in my microwave revolves anticlockwisely EVEN THOUGH l reside in the Northern hemisphere.' Dirk signed & posted his letter to the Royal Society itself!

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Merritt Crawford waited until his parents' dinner guests had repaired into the drawing room before he crawled under the long dining table in the Azure Room, searching for

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There were five of them in the room, but only two still lived. Karen stood, narrowed eyes never leaving Geoff. "Which one of us did this?" he asked, voice thick. She didn't know.

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Was there a way out? The tunnel seemed to go on forever. The wolf sniffed anxiously at a pile of logs left abandoned on the tiled floor. It wanted

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I sold it to her for ten dollops just to get her out of my house. The stench she left behind settled into the living room and shows no signs of leaving anytime soon. I called Dr. F

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The letter 'a' is canary yellow, with fuzzy edges.

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Descubrió que nada de lo que le pertenecía era suyo.

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