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Newton was sitting with Darwin by the fire one day. A piece of bread had fallen on the hearth. Newton picked it up. "By God, Darwin, I think we've cracked it, we've invented toast!

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She was there when Big Willie won the Pulitzer. She stuck with him when he lost it all. But Big Willie was a horse and she was crazy.

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Took my next left foot jump and bet it against that other thing I did in the past that you all are mad at me for, still. Only my pride covered my bet. Snake eyes never looked so g

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I have a serious question:

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"Well dude, you've been saying put a camera on me, put a camera on me. Well, put a camera on me. Jesus!"

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"WHY?!" he screamed. as his mom rushed in, to find her son having a nervous breakdown on the floor. "What's wrong, honey?!" He replied: I read Cupcakes! Again! Why Pinkie Pie, why"

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Shhhh. This is the mysterious pencil place.

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Misty DuPre. 8472 Rose St. Objective: Challenging and rewarding career in sanitation management restructuring via redundancy analysis. Skills: Restructuring, Sanitation, Analysis,

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Soft little Muff Muffin had been quiet too long. The day was grey and sad. How had Mitchy let poor little Muff Muffy get near that

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No, It couldn't be.... but it was in my room staring at me. It was looking at me as if it had some authority to be here but this was my room.

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