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I thought our love would last forever...Instead I got what felt like the reality check of the century

Finished: 9/8/19 @ 17:34
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She told everybody her name was Ma Bell, but who knew if that was true or not? Out in the wasteland it didn't matter what you called yourself, as long as you pulled your weight.

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I've got it: "Suddenly and for no apparent reason, a troop of mutant clowns with Viagra-cream pies shows up on a stolen flatulence powered amphibious ATV." Another perfect fold!

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Heyman Boyd mused as the shuttle transited a dark matter tendril to another venue in the galactic mesh. "The words of the microflora are written on the ..." Meat travelers were mo

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This is a test

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He was a gangly guy, a nipple-ripper alright, with an eye for the ladies and a taste for whiskey. Boasting a purple velvet vest, he zig-zagged into the room, smelling of ambergris.

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This was my fourth time trying to make the jump. I knew I could do it this time, I got a running start and jumped into the air. The first thing that crossed my mind when I realized

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Hello! My name is Taipan and I am a Siamese cat rescued froma sewer. My human, Tom, tells me I neverstop talking, but he has finally found his BFF for life. We are both happy!

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At the same time I was anxious for the party but a little depressed. Although Kyra have invited me to lunch at her mother's place, was not very willing to participate in social

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Suddenly out of the mist I saw it. A giant goat clad in golden armour. I knelt before it and said

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