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The S.S. Incredulous was surrounded by a fleet of Rog Rovnitovs's alien pirates in international spaces. "Scum! And we were so close to Xephyr," said Commander Erma Gerd. Missiles

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The phone's piercing ring shattered Josh Robler's peaceful rest. His now bulging eyes belied the weariness that was trying to drag him back down. But once he picked up the phone,

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The manager wanted to take it one higher, and convinced Newt to appear as Mr. Newton McGrinch for the Xmas show. Comedy & Calamity was preprogrammed when Robin Williams heckled

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In those days, people texted while walking, while driving, while riding. They looked at their hands but did not wake from the dream. The missed the night the sky was decorated with

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"I'm not an actor, but I play one on TV" said Dr. Mendacium. It was how he started his 1 hr infomercial "How to Confuse Others & Get Rich." By the end of the hour he'd hypnotised

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Somehow, the guy on the bus knew I was sick & offered me his seat. I sat down & he had to stand right next to me with his junk in my face. He didn't have it out or anything. Still,

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"Um...cherry?" Jeff guessed. "Nope. Peach. Now my turn." I closed my eyes & stuck out my tongue. Jeff put one in my mouth & I sucked. "Black licorice." I said. "Still my turn."

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Onyx sat, staring at the ice blue eyes looking back at him. Not entirely sure what it was, it moved with the same fluidity as he, the same timing. Copying his every nuance.

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Ug was tired of being the scapegoat for bad hunt magic & promised Thag two bear skins & a nearly new flint arrow head to kill the Shaman. "Thag gonna tell Shaman if you don't give

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The city of Hoboken's police surveillance drone program was off to a bad start. A rogue drone blew up Homeless Stan's cardboard residence. Luckily Stan was lunching @ the soup kitc

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