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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

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The problem with the Nutcracker wasn't his wooden conversation or his gastly chops, it was in his noggin, the whorls of his brain like those of a walnut. He was crackin' nutty &

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Tranquillityite, while common on the moon is rare on Earth. Hence the lunar powers of

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Jumping on the bar top in my platform shoes, I realized I was a different person than I thought I was.

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I saw my cat eat a black water vole leaving nothing but its green spleen. That vole is an endangered species. Should I shop my cat for illegal between meal snacks?

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The night before our departure, I could hardly contain my excitement. Leaving for Ireland for a marching band performance was the opportunity of a lifetime, especially for St. Patr

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If I study English, I'll go to USA

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In marigolds appareled, he entered the throne room of the Lizard Lady Queen. "You know that I don't like marigolds," she snapped. "Now put some clothes on." Gurfo Mettra disc

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What would he need to take on the Appalachian Trail? So far he had one tube of anchovy paste, a can of Manwich Bold, a box of turkey dressing, and a cheddarwurst.

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Bears had gods too, y'know. According to my research at Spitsbergen, Thor Bear was widely feared/worshipped amongst Norse polars. Heathen salmon were offed in the name of Thor Bear

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