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A lady friend of mine recently told me one of those facts during lunch, that's just too much information at the wrong time..Apparently we eat about 5 spiders a month while we sleep

Finished: 3/5/20 @ 14:10
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"There you are" I say, dropping the small parcel into his greedy, cherubic, little hand. "Three cherry cordials belonging to Marie Antoinette may want to open that in

Finished: 3/5/20 @ 04:41
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Oh, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. (1) with whipped cream and berries (2) naked (3) naked with whipped cream and berries (4) when you wrinkle you nose like a bunny (5)

Finished: 3/4/20 @ 21:25
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Hey guys. I'm a frog. A like to eat some pizza. That may sounds a little strange, but

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"Kisetsu Sentai Shizenger! Form up!" "Spring Ranger, ready!" "Summer Ranger, ready!" "Autumn Ranger, ready!" "Winter Ranger, ready!" "Alright, Maosen! Your time has come to an end!

Finished: 3/3/20 @ 09:56
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"I DON'T CARE!" The father yelled for the fifth time. "But dad-" "No Jimmy!" "DADDY I LOVE YOU!" "I DON'T CARE, SON. I. DON'T. CARE." The Swedish sounding man yelled again.

Finished: 3/1/20 @ 23:35
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The elevator doors slid shut behind Davey, as he perused the panel. '3,2,1,G' it stated reasonably, 'B, SB' sensibly, and then 'SSB, SSSB, Centre of the Earth'. "Gosh!" Davey ejacu

Finished: 3/1/20 @ 21:37
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La pequeña Mejunglanza asesina carbodestructiva.

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The big day was here. My parents were driving and I was in the backseat. I was listening to my favorite band on the radio trying to stay calm

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"Chah dude." said the surfer. His body glistened with sea water and he had that stupid look on his face. "That chick looks hot bruh." said the surfer to his friend. "Totally dude."

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