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"How can I choose." I thought to myself. Barack Obama look alike or the grey fox veteran. I have so much to give, but I need something substantial in return.

Finished: 3/13/18 @ 00:15
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Professor Lulu Loomis was beginning to have second thoughts about taking a job at Hooters so soon after her sex-change operation. Maybe being a woman involved more than just

Finished: 3/12/18 @ 23:55
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"Nothings funnier then nude people slapping each other in the shower! Am I right, or what?" "I don't know. I mean that was late night programming. But now we're talking about

Finished: 3/12/18 @ 23:08
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d a n k

Finished: 3/12/18 @ 16:09
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The waiter left her spinach but took her fork, then her husband stole her knife and screamed at the shitty waiter that the knife was dirty.

Finished: 3/12/18 @ 14:18
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Why? Why must I do this? Why do I..

Finished: 3/12/18 @ 13:26
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Chocolate covered pretzels dipped in caramel coated mint ice ream wasn't enough to drown my disappointment at having been fired by the worlds worst company.

Finished: 3/11/18 @ 20:59
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The hungry space monkey goes to school on the moon.

Finished: 3/11/18 @ 15:55
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She screamed in mixed emotions,delight or horror, she was yet to know; for she had seen the most handsome man her father has forced her to marry and yet she was still unhappy..

Finished: 3/10/18 @ 23:07
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I have an Anything card in my wallet. Just wave in front of a customer service representative and I get anything I want.

Finished: 3/10/18 @ 14:37