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The palace of ice had stood there all winter and now it was gone.

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He bared the most adorable under bite that had ever been seen. Fuzz- like fluff surrounded his face and feet, all of the girls fell in love with him. Their favorite part was his

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Interbelt mining corporation read the insignia on the ship. Sargent Beck wasn't buying it. The airlock hatch opened & he greeted the Ship's laison who glanced at the DEA agents dog

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An astronaut, a witch doctor and Suzanne Somers walked into a bar. "Ow" said Suzanne, as she had walked into a particularly pointy part of the bar. The astronaut held open the

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No doctor it is not the infection I am worried about, its the vertigo and sporadic bouts of levitation.

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In a rush to save the lust of your life, you

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pandora sølv

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Someplace, there is an island, where wild chickens run free. Every June, we take our boats to the island, and have a big poultry round-up. Chicken Boys riding Shetland ponies would

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The noise echoed in my ear, the sound of the rope hitting the bottom. It came an hour after I threw the one end down the cliff. All I needed to do was get down and save humanity.

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