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Sam the trunk murderer was asleep on the sofa one morning when his mom came downstairs. "Sam! Clean up this mess!" "Aw, but mom, it's ONLY A TORSO!" Mom was furious. "I'm sick of

Finished: 6/5/18 @ 09:14
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Today is the past of tomorrow. Lets make it a good past for the future. Vote for Plastic for a Shiny Malleable Nation. Vote with your BeastChip when you're thinking about nothing.

Finished: 6/5/18 @ 00:06
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Alain made ink from a cinder. "I implore you, Monique, please rescue your desperate cousin! Mme Crieucq has made me her love slave while squandering my inheritance. I have not a

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The snow swirled in thick clumpy flakes. He stumped through the snow straining against the heavy load on his sled. At least noone was out to see him. He steered toward the creekbed

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The premise of my new poem 'After the Next Word: Nothing' is a complete lie and we all know it but you're going to buy it anyway. I really need the money. Boats are not free.

Finished: 6/4/18 @ 20:17
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Billy Mays here with the new OxiClean detergent ball! Get on the ball! The OxiClean detergent ball!

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Potato wondered why the pool looked so bubbly and odd today. He shrugged and jumped in anyway, ready for a relaxing swim. He didn't expect the sensation of his insides being fried

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I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I decided it was time to change my field of employment: two thousand kills was more than enough; I took all of my weapons and gave them to Goodwill.

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In the great clockwork of the heavens a tiny sphere passes before the furnace and life giver, a speeding messenger of melting lead, an interloper skimming her plasma winds

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I'd heard about the lunar flare but didn't pay it any mind until my skin started peeling after a long walk through the humid night. I'd taken off my shirt and my back was now cover

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