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Tomorrows scheduled work I will be absent picking bellybutton lint in my apartment. I spent all of my money on rent and my flint is old on my zippo cannot light my cigarillo so I

Finished: 8/14/17 @ 15:11
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It was Halloween night and a little puppy was out for a walk. A canine lunged at him and bit his neck. The puppy felt her body changing. First her eyes turned red.

Finished: 8/14/17 @ 15:00
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"Your mission: go back in time and terminate the Extremist Hipster Movement before it gains momentum and takes over the world." I had woken up in 2012, but it seemed to be too late

Finished: 8/14/17 @ 14:47
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Whats to say? I was homeless. I got offered a job doing medical experiments. It involved zombies. I did some stuff and I am here now and they ain't. That is all I can say about it.

Finished: 8/14/17 @ 08:28
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Chicken pen buyin' a Monkey's cousin eggs at your local market ya should always goose's Gregory Peck ter clock if any 're cracked. Wahn day I forgot ter goose's Gregory Peck me egg

Finished: 8/14/17 @ 00:52
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The domino hit the spoon, sending the pea to bounce off the kettle drum, which awoke the gerbil, who spun the wheel, which turned on the fan,

Finished: 8/13/17 @ 15:16
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I merged onto I-5 north, prepared for several hours of sensory deprivation. Boredom. Flipping through my CD wallet I saw an unlabeled disk I didn't' recognize. Huh. I inserted it

Finished: 8/13/17 @ 00:21
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I was standing in a puddle of myself and I was constantly refilling myself with myself. Rarely premium myself with more Octane. I never knocked myself so much. I was even accused

Finished: 8/12/17 @ 21:55
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I road into the village on a pig. The pig's saddle was one that I found in a cave earlier. I had no control over this pig, nut just let it carry me wherever it wished. The big

Finished: 8/12/17 @ 18:26
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You see, I live in Derby. The infrastructure's a mess. They still use parking meters. And their town motto is: "Derby: I just don't know what went wrong!" Yeah. It's like that.

Finished: 8/12/17 @ 17:41