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Shoes shoes shoes as far as the eye could see. She had longed for a shoe storage system but now she had one she realised her life was complete and the future was now uncertain. In

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Another day of luckless job-hunting left Morraine depressed and frustrated. She had the education and the experience, and her asking salary was very reasonable, she thought.

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If I had to hear that idiotic ring tone one more time, I was going to shove the stupid phone down her throat. I'd managed to avoid every episode of Glee, but here it was, right in

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The shortest novel in the world began: Once

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The boy stared at him with hollow eyes and a smile that was disconnected from them. Several of his teeth were missing so when he sang, a little whistle escaped with each S. A bomb

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Chevy Chase had just booked a bank commercial. Sweet Jesus had it come to this? He used to be funny right? Right!?!?!? Then his toothpaste said, "You were never funny, just

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Her ninetieth birthday smoked every other for the last 72 years. Sure, her family was there, but so was a 20 year old Swiss. He'd said he'd come for her, and 72 years later, he had

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FaceBook seemed to be consuming her but she loved it. She loved finding all the old friends she'd found, especially the ones from high school. What she didn't like was

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After they busted me out of prison I got a mighty grouch on. I used to go around dispossessing people of their 18 Wheelers. After speed eating a "baconator" I point the truck at

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"I can prove God exists." It was manifestly odd remark coming from a man who'd professed to be an atheist all his life, but when Gordon took me to his laboratory and showed me

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