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There she stood. Motionless. Did she really realise the consequences of what she had done? Would Detective Nose track her down like a dog and make her pay?

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"If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain, may I suggest the English Riviera?" The travel agent stared at me solicitously. "Torquay is like St. Barts, except

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"What the Hell is in an Ornage Julius, anyway?" The customer was clealry a torublemaker, so Inez threw him her most savage look. "You want one, or not?" She began tapping her foot.

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Jack was a jack of many trades. Ex-miner, ex-pirate, ex-mercenary - the list was not full. It did not include, for instance, a number of ex-friends, that were possessed by a desire

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there was a cat. his name was jose. he was japanese. and yes i'm saying was...because he lost all his nine lives like....a couple minutes ago. i dont like cats...

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The road was creepy, just a path through the woods. Trees blocked the sun out, even at noon it was dark. Winding around until you come to the wooden bridge, but under the bridge

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I snuck to the driver’s side of her giant Dodge and popped the hood. I slid out from behind the wheel and pushed the hood release completely and pushed it up.

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I wouldn’t kill a pregnant woman or a kid and he was asking me to do both, never mind his double negative. It was a definite weak spot on my “bad motherfucker” resume.

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Polatitions are rubbish because....

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I was sitting on my front porch sipping a glass of lemonade when a large group of muscular, hairy, men came over the horizon. Without thinking I grabbed my gun. The horde was back.

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