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Sheila's face became somber and she hugged tight a tiny ‘Elmo’ who started shaking and giggling like a schizophrenic epileptic. It was apparent who wore the pants in his family.

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The hipster at the bar look like Frank Sinatra on a 60's album cover. What goes around, she thought. Still, he was cute, in an earnest way, so she bought him a drink and

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Luella Maple Thorpe had been cheated of the ultimate American pedigree. A Mayflower ancestor. Instead, Jebulun Maple had opted for a cheaper cabin on the Speedwell. The trip was

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Storm clouds drifted across his bedroom floor. It'd be an awful night & he could hear harps foretelling. The violins stabbed at the air. Whatever nightmare awoke him wasn't over.

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James sat next to Jose and wept pathetically. They both hand three children and were out of work. Jose looked up and waved off a cup of tea. The robots were even doing that job.

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soon king apple fell from the tree and demanded to be eaten but something happened during the fall that

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I knew this inevitable day would come. Poppy, the ventriquist, hopped onto the stage

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"ZOMBIE PONIES" was the rallying cry at Slickmo Toys Unlimited. They had already lined up the syndicated cartoon show, kid's cereal and temporary tatoos. Their next step,

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She cackled over the screams of the children. She wasn't accustomed to cackling, but it was all she could do not to piss herself every time one begged for help. Standardized tests

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Let me tell you, being Noah's neighbors on the cul de sac is no picnic. All that builder racket, and I know for a FACT that that friggin ark is one cubit into my lawn. I've a good

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