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There were qualities about the woman that only he could see. She never wore makeup, yet looked amazing in the morning without effort. Her smile lit a table, but not a room.

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Scanning the horizon, no robot wolves appeared to have followed him. Grabbing his bass, Peter Tork boarded the last train to Clarksville and

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The man stood at the top of the stairs. Looking at me. I dragged my eyes away from the body lying drunkenly across the lower step. My life was

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I awoke on a cold, hard table in a room I did not recognise. My head was groggy as I forced myself up and looked around. The first thing I noticed were the

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"I promise it only hurts the first couple times going in" said five-time Emmy award-winning actor Herbie Doowagon. Still unconvinced, the hairy busboy

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She loved being in love. She loved it so much that she prepared for Valentine's Day ten years in advance. She didn't have a boyfriend yet but that didn't matter because she knew

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He was a fledgling namedropper looking to score. And so, when his sister's husband's grandfather, a minor civic leader, suddenly passed away, he knew this was his chance at fame.

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I've got balls of steel.

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Esta es la historia de un artefacto encontrado en un desván, que resultó ser una máquina del tiempo.

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I put on my robe and wizard hat. The garish costume did nothing to improve my spirits, however, and the sleeves were now far too short. I sighed in disgust. I needed a tailor.

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