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In his dream, Matty had to choose between 3 boxes. The first box was green with the symbol of pi on it. The second was smaller, but was glowing with an unseen light. The third

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40 years underground with only IV feeding had made any taste seem special. In fact he was pretty sure the only reason he gotten any dates was for his man-made "protein shakes".

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And Superman grabbed Lois and they kissed. Then he said, "You know we can never have sex because when I ejaculate, the yellow sun gives my kiegel muscles super strength and

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Are you kidding me? Are you all so perversed? I read over all the lines I could possibly add to, not finding one fit for me to even humor. I sit, sipping my nightly beverage,

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Herman was nice. He wore scarves and black-framed glasses. He wasn't gay but he wasn't straight either. The concept of sex seemed boring to him. What he really liked was

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God how he hated Tuesdays, if it wasn't the motorcycle gangs, it was the school kids, all clamouring for more

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He had been polite in this "romantic" relationship long enough. The brainless courtesies, the phony listening. The repeating. He had made a special dinner so that he could

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When his father finally gave him the Guns n Roses album, he held the vinyl up to the light, as if Slash's leads and Axl's voice would come shimmering through. Then he moved towards

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Over time he had become more like a genuine DMV office worker. Pencils and pens in his bun, his moo moo was the right shade of pink, he had flip flops with that thick sole

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She hadn’t asked for me help since I nearly burned down the house twice in one week. I’ve never really tried baking after the Christmas cookie incidents, and she never invited me

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