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He walked down the line paying his respects. A somber faced line. Wet Red eyes. He leaned in and hugged her, he said, "Sorry for your loss," and he pickpocketed her

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She chambered a round and unloaded unto the dashboard. Her OCD with following rules wasn't going to keep her from speeding to her wedding. Without a speedometer, loopholes emerged

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To many times he had been in this position before. Not all too often he had been pleased by the way that she touched and loved him. She was a vixen, and her long blonde hair flowed

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she woke up and had no idea where she was. no memory of what has happened the nite before. It was just a blur. She found a key and someone else's wallet in her pocket...

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So this is where father kept his so called pornos. Under the bed. How clever. She wondered if mom knew. She wondered is mom watched them with him. Was that how she was conceived?

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If I could look like someone from the movies, I'd look like Lee Marvin. He had a presence and somehow got the girl, even if he had to kill her first. I turned from the mirror and

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The Morning light shown bright into the window above. I raised my head and looked instead upon the lass so beautiful next to me. My glaze is cast at this sweet lass

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Amelia kinda knew she shouldn't have married the landscape architect when she cooked him a pie and he complained that "the lattice work wouldn't hold more than three strands of

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The man across from her smiled back. Jen had to catch herself and remember why she was there. It was so hard to maintain the distance all the time. Jim touched her hand and turned

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Whitebait! Get yer whitebait here! Genocide on a plate! Mitchell's a great man, he is! Come and but your genocide!

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