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"Oh my," Ted gripped his lunch bag. Crosswalks were tense for him. He counted each step and tapped his knee three times for good luck. He also alphabetized the cars until

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After the incident, Big Dummy was apprehensive to reclaim his captain's seat aboard the Dummy Bus. Every passenger was silently mocking him, especially the damned Beagles. Moe was

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She had spent a lifetime controlling her emotions in public. Working as a cashier at Old Navy wasn't the place where one could "share." So she bought a beanie baby named Jesus

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The devil's whisper fell on deaf ears. Her angelic heart could not be turned by the first of the fallen, though at every turn he was there to remind her of a different course.

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The rain started to bang against the aluminum chimney vent - clank, clank, clank. He looked up and wondered

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"The problem with collaboration," she smiled over her glasses, "is that a G-rated thought can easily be spiked with an x-rated intent. How do we capitalize on such unintended

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It was one of the most amazing days she had ever experienced. This job would be a dream come true. She could not wait to share the good news with her best friend. Unfortunately....

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I knew this day would come. Cher

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The old floorboards creaked under his considerable weight. Grumbling and muttering under his breath about the

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Delivering a corpse was out of the question, but re-animating a shredded body full of shrapnel was too rich for his pay grade. He nodded once before drifting across the center line

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