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The less known about her the better. Bradly had made it all the way to his wedding day without a slip, but now that sinking feeling having once fallen in love with a stripper.

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Jack contemplated his potential roommates. Why did Janet and Chrissy, two adult women, share a bedroom?

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I built my coffin with planks of debt-ridden credit cards and nailed it shut with packed cigarettes.

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While she stared down at him she was thinking about how cute he was. Then he opened his eyes and said

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His wife was a slob. It had taken him years to admit this to himself. He had taught her his system. The alphabetized mail slots. The organized fridge to size and expiration. But

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He was a monster,he agreed.He saw himself as one since the day he killed that girl and waited,holding her cold naked body till dark,when he buried her on the campus garden.But no

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My sister told me it was huge in England; that I'd never seen a silly hat like that meant I knew nothing. I told her

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"Who the hell doesn't like the movie Bootie Call?" he screamed into the store PA system. He was steaming happy and wanted answers later. He shrieked at

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Credible witnesses were hard to come by. Seeing a woman dressed like a male stuffed animal with all of the naturally occurring anatomy had become almost normal with the net, but a

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I sat down at the drum set. It had been a long time. Upstairs, I could hear the family whispering about something or another. I had enough. I took the drum sticks and began

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