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A thousand years and a million miles from home, the galaxy-warrior stood in humility before the Defilbian war fleet that hovered mightily before the Quadrax star system.

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Linda married and divorced her first awkward turtle. The turtle struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, and went through recovery in the mid 1990s. After marrying his second

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"The time is ten o'clock, do you know where your children are?" chimed the television, and all Icould think was, "No. No I do not."

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"Too Bad." The meter maid ripped off the ticket and stuffed it in my mouth. So I

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I had a sneaking suspicion that registering my name and address with the BMV might alert someone to my location so I preferred to remain anonymous. This was potentially

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A cardboard box arrived unexpectedly for me in the mail, heavy with its unwanted contents. Dammit, I must have forgotten to

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Cari truly was stupid. In fact she thought if you

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Bylo nebylo. Je tomu dávno, co se malá Františka vydala do města. Sbalila si batůžek, obula si ty nejkrásnější botičky a stopla okolojedoucí auto. Je to už tak dávno...

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Reluctantly, he answered the phone and hoped his mother would ask him how his life was going. Instead, he listened as she rambled on about

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He sat there beaming at me, glowing in the dark with sweat and wide pupils. "How can you know unless you try?" I smirked, wondering how many times that line had worked.

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