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All I did was look into his eyes and he knew just what I meant.Too bad he was a product of my imagination cause the man on my bed didn't know me at all.I was done wasting time on

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The colors of sunset filled the sky as Angie drove her car out and onto the freeway. After 30 years of marriage she'd had enough. She had drugged Ed's donut filling. He lay dying

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Every morning, Pamela paused on her way to the bus stop to look at the flowers beginning to come up through the layer of mulch and garbage along the edge of the park. Spring is

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So there I was, sitting in a dimly lit room with my hands cuffed behind a chair. They finally got me. The voice of Detective Leonard McGee could be heard from the intercom system -

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She had come to the door and said, "Hi neighbor." In his mind he thought, "Drop dead loud mouth." But what he said was, "Hi." Then she handed him the sympathy card. He opened

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The darkness wrapped around his shoulders as he stalked down the gloomy path. "I need to get out of this genre," he whimpered to himself.

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She screamed into the wind, "I have always loved you, Mike, and I always will! Why have you been taken from me?" as if in reply, a sparrow sang out a sorrowful note of pity.

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My fingers wandered dangerously close to her lips, stopping long enough on the way to brush through her brown hair. She embraced it, and gazed deeply into my eyes like a doll would

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Too many hours online had begun to take their toll on him. His obsessive gazing of 4chan & internet memes had reduced his once vast vocabulary to that of a LOLcat. "Ohai!" he said,

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"I was always good at starting fires!" Bobby said proudly, backing away from his latest endeavor.

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