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"BWWRRRRRRRRRRRFFFFFF!" Three and a half hours of holiday cheer ended in 2 seconds and all over my mom's linoleum kitchen floor. It was pitch black and way past midnight.

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The kitchen smelled like India, or at least what I hoped India smells like. "Is that butter chicken?" he asked with a twinge of hunger in his voice.

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DeLorean. Phone booth. Hot tub... those have all been done before. I was determined to create a time machine to trump all others.

Finished: 3/12/11 @ 23:46
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You cannot control me. I can still move my lips. So long as I can lip sync you can't own my soul. I'll just lay here and sing "This Magic Moment," and let the tears run

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Until a year ago he owned his father’s pawn shop but left it to deal in anything-you-want from a shop with no address. I saw him walk behind the police car and light

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She stood at the top of the stairs. A robot got her fat brother a drink. Her husband stood there in his stupid italian jacket and cabbie hat. He was too old for all this crap and

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Her smiled infected her mother as she ran to hug her. It seemed like forever since she'd been held, & her mother held her the best. Why had it taken her so long to live to the end?

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The afternoon of the late night luncheon was a farce. My aunt drove into the rose bushes and said the cheese was old and the pasta was sleek and sexy, she then grabbed

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She looked over and smiled. These kinds of tricks were the reason why she came. Jim was the kind of guy that would find a way to deliver perfection in any circumstance. Tonight,

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"That's it", the technician sighed. "Your memories've been backed up to our six data centers."Jim smiled, but there were no data centers except the tech's ancient iPod video drive.

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