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The craft drifted without ripple through the sea. The outer hull maintained a frequency of vibration that made it frictionless, which prevented ripples. Its payload ravaged Captain

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Ribbed, pleasure dotted or “rough rider” condoms are usually billed “for her pleasure.” This phrase is a fallacy. Women are not sexually stimulated by

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The entire top tier of his book shelf was covered with the creations of one author. The second tier was strewn with statues and memorabilia. But now, the authors bigoted comments

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He had five minutes to find love once the competition started, but when the self-proclaimed narcissist stepped victoriously in front of the mirror & the red light buzzed a denial,

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Like most renown scientists Dr. Doppel denied aspiring to the Nobel prize while secretly coveting it. His ambition led him to a morally questionable experiment when he cloned

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The light was dim and though she tried desperately to read the untidy hastened words on the grubby piece of paper, it was to no avail. Her eyes were straining in the dim light.

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Zombies can be real jerks sometimes... Seriously, there was this one time I was hanging with my bro Timmy. He was half-zombie and all, but I didn't hold that against him. He

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What is the right way to end a generation of fear and fallen promises? Maybe it's with vengeance or malice or even non-violence and blind benevolence that we remember who we are.

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I sat waiting to hear what the teacher would say next... Would it be another boring day of school? One that would last a lifetime and then some. Suddenly, the teacher turned and

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I read about her again in the obituary. You know, I wondered what she had been doing all these years.

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