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Once upon a time. Before the earth was created. When everything simple and complex as 1 and 0.

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While Julie was walking down the street, an alien ship appeared. She screamed and ran toward home. The alien creatures chased her. Just as she was opening her door, one of them

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Padding toward him, Julian saw Pepper, the dog he inherited from his niece, Kelly, when she moved away to college. They didn’t allow dogs in the dorms. That was 6 years ago and

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Once upon a time, there lived a handsome man named Eric and a beautiful woman named Cynthia. They met through mutual friends even though they lived in different cities.

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Rumpelstiltskin had reformed. With plenty of therapy, he no longer craved gold and other people's children. He was now married to one of the seven dwarves' sister, and they lived

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As he  had done so many times before, perhaps 10 or 12 times now, the mastermind watched Alice rest peacefully in her hammock. He could count the mistakes he'd made on one hand and

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Looking toward the west she stared at a small hourglass-shaped 4-acre black-water lake surrounded by waterlogged and stunted trees. Its water was gently lapping against the

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Pedro had not tended his market stall for many weeks. Gambling had become an overwhelming addiction, to the point where he found himself choosing blackjack over bananas. The money

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He had bed-head, tight jeans, a McGriddle gut, and an iphone. He ordered a Venti Mocha Latte and paid with a "gift card." His belt had studs in it. A knotted handkerchief clung to

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Beyond the ridge, a coyote cried - high pitched, sharp, distinct - and was answered from closer at hand. Soon there were three or four singing, a happy chorus

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