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He paced anxiously back & forth, wearing a track in the cheap carpet. 9 1/2 months of dedicated study was supposed to prepare him, but right now he made coffee nervous. He entered

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Her light dimmed a little. It always did that when Nelson walked into the room. His eyes stopped glowing. He knew it bothered her, but he didn't want her to forget his superior

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They were an annoying lot and moved slow as tortoises. The PUN-ters, as they were cawled, wore their turtleneck uniforms, even when the heat was enough to make anyone snap.

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From where he stood the sun glinted off the polished cazoleta and a thought fleeted past him of something he would not think again until many years later as

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The machine sat silent in the centre of the room, its blades and hammers glistening in the dim light. Bill stared at the large button marked "Do not press." His eyebrow twitched.

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Exceeding the velocity of light is trivial. It is much like flying. You must first forget that it's not possible and be willing to be experience non-light. It's much more difficult

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You don't know me. I'm the one that puts that "Fruit of the Loom" sticker on those tidy whities you are sitting there in. Working at the computer in your underwear? I should

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Dean Ackerman was head pollster for the Republicans. He's seen monsters but not like this. This was Caligula all over again. He wanted the numbers. So Dean lied and told him that

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I am looking forward to the end of winter. :)

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I've searched the Internet, but nowhere can I find advice on how to approach a spouse to tell 'em you think their rewatching of Hellraiser movies nightly before bedtime is creepy.

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