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It is decked out with an actual dual-deck cassette tape player – which was used for making mix tapes. Good times (analog style). And notice the

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She strode to the front of the class, glorious in her defeat and handed the teacher the worst work she'd ever done. She'd started and finished the eight week assignment on the bus

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Clumsily he caught her leg and threw her to the ground, landing on top of her and flailing his arms at her face and neck.

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The only purple folder lay on his desk. These meant the worst possible thing and he could barely think it, let alone coax his hand into opening it. That would take bourbon and lots

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Cowboy TV is a cowboy, but he is also a television set! Everybody loves Cowboy TV!

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A three-time bar exam failure, she lamented her current position as a pedicurist. Life could be worse, but it's hard to imagine how as her current client had feet that

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Marcy couldn't stop thinking about how she'd deceived thousands of people. They trusted her, but she'd mislead them all and had to disconnect before she felt even worse. The worst

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I looked fearfully at the small woods bordering his home and at the finger of dark water that jutted out of the overgrowth and barely touched

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He dialed in the coordinates. This hydrogen cloud would destroy the hull of the NT-4140. It was a pleasure craft, used to tour the rings of Saturn. But the coordinates switched to

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If I’d been less supercharged by adrenaline, I might have thrown up right there. Joe and Jesse stood up and began running away. After a second, Jesse glanced back and caught the

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