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It was 9am my heart was beating rapidly. My legs felt like a piece of jell-o. I need to go to the hospital. Relief is what I urned for in this moment, now I am a

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The only thing worse than waking up dead in the morning is

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Bahumbug! Uttered the Santa suit wearing 3-toed sloth... Or so I thought it was a sloth in my current state. It was actually my mildly drunk and slightly high uncle Andy who

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I think I'm going to get some wonton soup and an eggroll, then spend the afternoon in with an MSG buzz. I remember when Owsley would cook fried rice for us,

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Around 10:30 am, I picked Cassandra up outside her apartment in north Seattle. I’d used her car the night before to scope out the place in Renton we were meeting at noon.

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Unaffected by the screams, he proceeded to walk over the groaning, angry corpses, bound together by duct tape and hemp. Those that baked in the sun felt leathery beneath his toes

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"Don't say shit!" she screamed, swiveling her head like the night before under completely different circumstances. "Even if you DO talk to the hand, only one of my fingers has

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Baked goods were only one thing she could do. The owner of her building wondered how her gas bills could be so low, but fresh donuts had dulled his will to dig. Pyrokinetics did

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I am waiting for snow to come so that i will go out and make snow balls and snow mans and play with them throughout the night even giving up sleep. The snow is disappointing me

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Harvey flicked his tail, indicating his displeasure with Maude. Her soul shriveled into little pieces of burnt popcorn. She had served his usual filet mignon, cut into bite-sized

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