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I know I'm still relatively new, but this has gotten pretty terrible lately. Bring back Joe cartoon?

Finished: 10/14/19 @ 21:57
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Her maths was not great, but she knew that if 12 muffins were executed in the oven, 12 dead muffins should be available to depose of. But there were only 11. Raspberry-blood was

Finished: 10/14/19 @ 20:46
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heather hritzel

Finished: 10/14/19 @ 20:34
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With all the groupies and the long bus rides and nights filled with drugs and booze, I know I have paid my dues as an ocarina musician.

Finished: 10/14/19 @ 20:25
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Baba Yaga the Hutu was sick of the jokes.

Finished: 10/14/19 @ 20:14
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An eye for an eye...

Finished: 10/9/19 @ 16:55
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Every morning she caked herself in foundation and proceeded to douse herself in cheap perfume just to hide who she was, but even with that, she couldn't cover it up.

Finished: 10/9/19 @ 00:59
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"Don't worry, Donald. If this isn't the heartland, I don't know what is." Mike Pence said grace before he dug into his open-face turkey sandwich at Melba's Diner off I-70 in Kansas

Finished: 10/8/19 @ 00:12
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I built a castle in the sand, Blaming the ocean every time it took it away.

Finished: 10/7/19 @ 07:42
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Today, C'thulhu woke up and got himself coffee. He checked the news headlines, only to discover that Donald Trump was now president. Of course, C'thulhu reacted with

Finished: 10/5/19 @ 11:49