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I couldn't believe it's simplicity. How'd they manage to get it so small? I kept asking myself over and over again "What if I just take it?" I saw the security guard, he was

Finished: 10/19/17 @ 18:45
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Faster and faster, nothing could slow us down. We exploded from the tunnel into the open night sky, stars glimmering above us, the world calmly waiting below. It happened, we flew

Finished: 10/19/17 @ 11:40
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Dreams come so true, but nightmares

Finished: 10/19/17 @ 11:36
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Once upon a time there was an man who lived high up on a mountain that overlooked a village. Every so often villagers who would travel up the mountain, but would never return.

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It's morning, with the sun breaking the landscape, everyone's asleep, with the little mouse slowly stirring. It becomes obvious that it's now that time.

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In the beginning, dog created the heaven and the earth and saw that it was doog. On the seventh day, dog rested.

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The aliens came again last night. I know because my pajamas were all wet bunched in a corner of the room and I had on a fresh dry pair when I woke up. Third time this week.

Finished: 10/18/17 @ 18:31
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He was a slobbish lowlife. He lounged around on his couch all day, downing a few bags of potato chips every few minutes. One day, his life changed when a young salesman arrived at

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Once upon a time, there was a dolphin in the ocean, his name was Johny. He had two tails.... and not being a fox that knows a hedghog, he had no place in life... He had to fix

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"So how was the zombie apocalypse?" My friend asked me. "There was gunfire everywhere, and the zombies were dropping like flies..." I replied, my eyes misting as I reminisced

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