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Once upon a time a tiny mouse who lived in a Turkish steelworker's flat in a dingy suburb of Istanbul, decided to leave home. He packed a tiny trunk with peanut butter and caught

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Out of ideas, the band built robots to play random songs. "We'll steal whatever ROCKS," they said. The next day, the robots stole their guyliner, drums, and van, going on tour in

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For each folded story finished, it is appropriate to start one. This is the first cardinal rule of folding stories. The second cardinal rule is

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This Ning genno yiyamalro wattasi durable glass and blah blah nek Death Oh, and b bread pop four a long time blah blah blah Groningen no Crayon eyebrows Oh, and b bread pop fou

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Tammy was too tired to sleep...she hadn't had more than a few hours over the past eight days. Her room was littered with No Doze boxes and empty pill bottles once filled with

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A chemistry professor went on a date and then said "wow I'm in Au" Ba dum tss

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Clara slept in a semi-recumbant crouch on the floor, unable to get comfortable. Tired of her life as an overnight paralegal, she desired escape. What was so pressing that it requir

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The committee was a conglomeration of nincompoops, busy bodies, and ne'er-do-wells. They were the puppet masters behind the movie ratings board.

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Hi, Nice job last night - here are the lyrics to the FINALE When you see a guy, reach for stars in the sky You can bet that he's doin it for some doll

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Amanda Widdershins woke with a shock to find her estranged sister Carlotta sitting on her bed, staring at her. "I saw the shadow of the Manatee here," Carlotta insinuated. Amanda b

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