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Did you hear the one about the cross-eyed teacher? She couldn't control her pupils.

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Running toward me was the most adorable Labrador i had ever seen.

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"Yea, Hi thea. How ya doin?" "I'm fine, Miss. Would you like to make an order?" "Yea, shua. I need some Samun & Baygulls." "Sorry Mam, can you repeat that?" "Samun, you know fish?"

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It had been such a long time since I had a deluxe chimichanga from El Diablo's Taco Emporium, and I'm not sure I ever did, but I was suddenly overtaken by a craving for one, and I

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Many years ago there lived an Emperor who desired a new black-blue dress,but when the tailor made it, he was furious:"WHY did you bring me a WHITE-GOLD dress? I specifically said

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Stefoni, Christi and Carolyn had a technology presentation due on Monday. They were panicked! How could they get a 45 minute presentation put together in 3 days!?

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And might come potatoes not with rain, though. This is enevitably four for five wouldn't, alas, mixed toasts have rights. But on the bean with the rain is not what was thought by

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Lana loved to dance, however she has one secret no one must ever know about her. One she constantly lies about.

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I reach to run my thumb along her bottom lip. She stops drawing and stares at me, my thumb brushing over her mouth, fingers resting on her jaw. I lick my dry lips, tempted

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