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The witch went to the party, she baked a cockroach cake, and garnished it with frog legs and salamander eyes. She offered some to the others, but no one wanted any. It made her sad

Finished: 2/15/19 @ 12:31
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There he was, staring at his old torn school notebook, it’s been 20 years, and he knew that that drawing of the monster he made as a child is still inside, but... dare he opens it?

Finished: 2/15/19 @ 10:34
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Little Red Riding Hood stood in the silence of the forrest, concealed with her red flowing cape, she held the large butcher knife in her right hand, she had one last job to see to.

Finished: 2/15/19 @ 09:44
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I slowly floated above my corpse towards the bright light. Was I prepared? Did I pray enough? I lone figure coalesced before me. "WELCOME TO VALHALLA! HERE'S YOUR AXE!"

Finished: 2/14/19 @ 20:52
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I remember a time in the world when the internet did not exist, nor did cell phones. People called each other on the home phone, and would show up when they said they would be som

Finished: 2/13/19 @ 00:36
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Why sure I do hunnywumps. I wuvy dovvy you werry werry much.

Finished: 2/12/19 @ 00:06
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Tiny Bobby & Cindy continued their body tour down the abdomen & into the crotch. Here they met a little man. "Who're you?" "I'm the Scrotum Factotum!" The Scrotum Factotum told 'em

Finished: 2/11/19 @ 23:25
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I drove my Astin Martin on the wrong side of the beach. My shoes were long brown and shiny and I needed both hands to handle them. Women often ask me about my shoe size. Its 17 but

Finished: 2/9/19 @ 14:22
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"Hihihihihihihi" said the spammer, still developing into a fully grown foetus. The scientists were shocked though, was it trying to communicate something? Something other than "hi"

Finished: 2/9/19 @ 00:09
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When I woke up today, I realized that my neighbour had been murdered in her living room.

Finished: 2/8/19 @ 21:22