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Did she like to gamble? Man, that Melanie could get a craps game going in a nunnery. She went to Vegas once

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 10:49
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There once was a website that was very similar to my own.

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 10:43
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I voted today.

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 10:38
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Looking back, it occurred to me that man-slapping was not considered the proper response to Steve's comment. Alas,

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 10:25
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Talk about a bus load of trouble. This animal strolls up, enters and sits down with all the other passengers like it's a

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 10:20
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Standing atop the desert plateau, I peered through my scope and casually picked a target. No one in particular just some

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 09:38
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It is possible to steal an infant from the hospital, if you do it just right. You do not even need to use a disguise, if you simply

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 09:22
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The clown's real name was Dan, but everyone called him Danny Buckles after he got a tranq dart stuck in his

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 02:37
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*CRASH* If he's told her once, he's told her a hundred times not to place wine glasses close to the alarm clock. However

Finished: 11/29/10 @ 02:18
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One day a half crazy WOMAN with man hands logged onto and was perplexed by something she read.

Finished: 11/26/10 @ 21:36