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There was once a girl who lived in a farm

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She sat there in her office chair, elbow on the desk, head resting in her hand thinking. Thinking about what had caused her to react so strongly to his remark. He had only said

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Sometimes I think about it late at night. If I could, would I go back and do something different so I could be with her, forsaking this future of wife...family. I don't like the

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Jim was always bored when he went to his grandpapy's. There was nothing to do. He would wake up, go down stairs and have his seedless brown bread with seedless raspberry jam.

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She howled from the shadows, fingers clenched in tangled hair. Her teeth were ground to the gums and the painkillers staving off the anguish from exposed roots were wearing off.

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How could I tell it any other way? Words themselves, pictures alone, even the delicate hands of a mime could not convey

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one day when Daniel Tosh came to the store evryone said GAY and Daniel said

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Well, of course not, thought tiny Hester. Who would like green eggs and ham? And who is this Sam? He seems like a drug

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I grabbed the peppermint gold from my dresser drawer and dashed back down the steps, skipping the last few and flying out the door with as much agility as an acrobat dismounting a

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He took the hot dog, gripped it with his tongs. The tong's teeth bit into the plump, moist wiener. He split open the fluffy bun. He spread the doughy halves apart and gingerly

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