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Suddenly everything went black and she couldn't see. She felt the ground shake below her as if it were to open up and swallow her whole.

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It isn't every day that I day but almost.

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The villains sat at their weekly gathering, tired of a long day of scheming, planning, and conniving. One of them ordered a cup of coffee, while the others pondered over the menu

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Back in the day, there was no such thing as Ephemerol to dull the mental noise of the ninnies. So when a great clamor arose over Shanyang's crusty boastings, Lao-tse headed for the

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"I will always add to a fold which has mustard in it." she said. We shook our heads. What world was she living in? Her rapid mental degradation had shocked our family to the core.

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The fishwife knew perfectly well the herring was off, but she sold it anyway. It was a matter of principle she told herself. What self respecting fishwife would keep a herring that

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The latest scientific research shows that the voice box in men & red deer has lowered in order to bellow more effectively. "Hmm, figures," thought Mabeline as a noise like a thousa

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I just laughed. The story was completely ridiculous. "You expect me to believe that?" I asked. But Rodrigo was insistent. "I saw it--a lawyer committing a random act of kindness."

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What's more he was wearing wizard pajamas and touting red rope licorice in both hands. Clearly this was not the man we were meant to visit tonight. Nevermind that the pjs were

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The student gathered in class, plotting, finalizing their waterproof plan after hours & hours of deliberations. This time, we'll succeed in killing our Intro to Mass Comm Professor

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