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10 fingers, 10 toes, 1 bebe, and no nose..... what?

Finished: 5/10/19 @ 08:54
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Wild animals are fantastic. Love 'em. But when a male cricket begins stridulating within my premises, my domocile, my castle, it's war. That insect's going down. He could be Jiminy

Finished: 5/9/19 @ 08:13
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John was nervous about his audience with the pope, but he was sure he could convince him to sponsor Pabst Blue Ribbon. Why not pop a tall boy during mass instead of serving wine?

Finished: 5/8/19 @ 13:09
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But, that was before I stared into the frozen blackness. Distance, depth it has no meaning there. No what really has meaning is when the blackness stares back. That night, the eyes

Finished: 5/7/19 @ 20:21
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Once upon a time there was a middle school teacher who lived in a magical land called Highlands. She was a magical teacher who was able to grant wishes.

Finished: 5/7/19 @ 20:04
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"A poltergeist is nothing but a juvenile trickster determined to plague credulous adults," said Joe Quarter as a teacup smashed against his forehead. Sally tried to look innocent.

Finished: 5/3/19 @ 02:16
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There is a 1% chance that I'll make it through the next 5 minutes without eating that entire chocolate bar in my desk. Did I say 1%? I meant none %. No! I will not eat it! I will

Finished: 5/3/19 @ 02:02
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What is it with some countries that encourage the dehumanization of certain subsets of their society? This is the 21st Century. That these idiots can torture teenagers and openly

Finished: 5/1/19 @ 09:29
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Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and 14 others will receive

Finished: 4/30/19 @ 16:21
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He lifted the rifle at the shooting gallery, aimed it at the carney for a joke. He pulled the trigger. The rifle kicked. Smoke from the barrel. Blood poured from the Carney's chest

Finished: 4/30/19 @ 16:13