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He was running in the night from someone that was following him, someone who did not want him to publish that corruption story. He reached to his gun and calculated his steps. Now!

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"There is no door." I grinned, but not in a happy way. "Of course there is. How else could we have gotten in here?" His eyes narrowed and he said "You don't get it, do you?" We

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- Fade to Black - FIN. The blue velvet curtain came down. That was short. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Just 15 minutes?

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"Has anyone seen the remote? Hey, Trouble, what you got in your mouth. Come 'ear. Oh, shhi, Trouble stay. I said stay!" Then Trouble bit down. The channel changer switched to

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Wazu just recovered from the rough landing of his small space craft in the Kuwaiti desert. He looked at the glowing city skyline in the horizon, a strange city on a strange planet.

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His dog Rex had been missing two days. His dish sat untouched on the kitchen floor.

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The witch went to the party, she baked a cockroach cake, and garnished it with frog legs and salamander eyes. She offered some to the others, but no one wanted any. It made her sad

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There he was, staring at his old torn school notebook, it’s been 20 years, and he knew that that drawing of the monster he made as a child is still inside, but... dare he opens it?

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Little Red Riding Hood stood in the silence of the forrest, concealed with her red flowing cape, she held the large butcher knife in her right hand, she had one last job to see to.

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I slowly floated above my corpse towards the bright light. Was I prepared? Did I pray enough? I lone figure coalesced before me. "WELCOME TO VALHALLA! HERE'S YOUR AXE!"

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