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I remember a time in the world when the internet did not exist, nor did cell phones. People called each other on the home phone, and would show up when they said they would be som

Finished: 2/13/19 @ 01:36
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Why sure I do hunnywumps. I wuvy dovvy you werry werry much.

Finished: 2/12/19 @ 01:06
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Tiny Bobby & Cindy continued their body tour down the abdomen & into the crotch. Here they met a little man. "Who're you?" "I'm the Scrotum Factotum!" The Scrotum Factotum told 'em

Finished: 2/12/19 @ 00:25
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I drove my Astin Martin on the wrong side of the beach. My shoes were long brown and shiny and I needed both hands to handle them. Women often ask me about my shoe size. Its 17 but

Finished: 2/9/19 @ 15:22
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"Hihihihihihihi" said the spammer, still developing into a fully grown foetus. The scientists were shocked though, was it trying to communicate something? Something other than "hi"

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When I woke up today, I realized that my neighbour had been murdered in her living room.

Finished: 2/8/19 @ 22:22
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Has anyone ever done a zombie western? That would be a crossover to make my skin crawl. Let's dig up the Duke and Charles Bronson & Gary Cooper & have Clint direct. Tombstone II

Finished: 2/8/19 @ 11:53
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Dear FS Family: We've been duped! I found out that SlimWhitman is neither slim, nor Swiss. He's not the shadowy manatee-loving fellow we all thought. His real name is Mario & lives

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If the sight of clowns doesn't fill you with fear, and the creepy crawly spiders are pleasant when near, then you find medals in horror very ho-hum; every horror film just needs

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"Come with me," he said, staring into my eyes as he offered his hand through the open door, "Please... I'm begging you to come with me." I wanted to come with, I really did but

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