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Through an unusual & inexplicable sequence of events, I found myself locked in closet with YoYo Ma. We were both sweltering & our hands were duct-taped together. Neither of us

Finished: 2/6/19 @ 11:53
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"O my children. Stop your bickering just this once. Make peace with your maker." The voice wasn't really his." He'd passed denial. The asteroid would impact. Others knew, surely.

Finished: 2/5/19 @ 21:58
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My stomach keeps grumbling. I think it's trying to communicate with me.

Finished: 2/5/19 @ 10:42
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Humanity is forgetting the fear on the dark, & the curiosity to overcome that fear, a dangerous complacency. It's time to make bolder steps outward, away from creature comforts

Finished: 2/4/19 @ 06:27
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The internet trolls are under your bed, in your closet, and in your head.

Finished: 2/3/19 @ 13:24
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Love wasn't there. They looked in all the cupboards and under the beds and behind the sofa. They didn't know where they could have lost it.

Finished: 2/3/19 @ 06:22
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Headstock and first frets passes screen, superstrings begin to vibrate. As we pass into the body, interstellar Zappadrive engages. Opening crawl. "A long time ago, in a tonal scale

Finished: 2/2/19 @ 15:03
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Carol stared at the bags of frozen peas, wondering where her life had gone. Gerard Butler sidled up to her in the freezer section naked, except for a green tartan kilt. "I love you

Finished: 2/2/19 @ 14:31
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Soulreaver, Blade of the Necromancer, was on a card table for 5 bucks next to a stack of Reader's Digest and a Easy-Bake oven with the bulb missing.

Finished: 2/1/19 @ 07:42
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We decided to head to Ibiza and eat some pizza, but then I got distracted by the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell which changed my mind and made me begin to crave a Doritios

Finished: 1/31/19 @ 13:48