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The shrincken humbie squalled and caterpunked festily. Fagan glomped inwardly & offed his festerbound handy. Thoroughly tanked, Morose teedled & blowdied Fagan's trestlt until

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This FoldingStory is intended strictly for use by authors and members of FoldingStory.com. All characters are fictitious. Any similarities to actual events or persons is purely

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Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerous ways, Lord Sandwich. Your sad devotion to that ancient Jedi religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, or given

Finished: 4/18/12 @ 02:07
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If you're poor, DON'T ADD TO THIS FOLD. If you're hungry, DON'T ADD TO THIS FOLD. If you're oppressed or persecuted, DON'T ADD TO THIS FOLD. If you're a woman or a man, DON'T ADD

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I am worried that this might be the most beautiful story on FS & that however many more stories we write, nothing could ever come even close to this story's perfection

Finished: 1/30/17 @ 12:11
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Just chawing on a Twizzler, admiring the stupid rhinos.

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I leant on a pillar in aisle 6 reading the nutritional information on a Trader Joe's Belgian Chocolate Pudding. Apparently 'No Belgians were harmed in producing this pudding'. But

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D is for deadly.

Finished: 12/10/16 @ 17:25
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She put her hand over his heart. Then he put his hand over her hand over his heart. Then she put her other hand over his hand over her hand over his heart. Then he put his other

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I am going to go play dead for the next 4 years; hold all my calls.

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