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Niamh was sitting in a bookshop in Islington waiting for her son to choose something when she saw the celebrity, Newt Long slip a copy of 'Why Men Marry Bitches' under his jacket!

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Smell this. Now smell that. Now, get a load of this. What he was holding was unspeakable. Unholy, and fowl. He wafted its atrocious smell towards me with a white gloved hand.

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I watched the sun's rise whilst I watched it's descent. Of course, not by choice, but it was still beautiful. I wanted to leave but I wanted to stay.

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He lived life in the fast lane. He always got into trouble. By far, his most interesting event was when

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A black dress. A white hat. Black shoes. A white cat. She lost her color vision and only had the ability to see in black and white now. She was always left curious and isolated.

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The evening skies were beautiful with its tint of red and yellow, it reminded him of the times he had with his now deceased wife "heh...those were the good days."

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BLOG ENTRY 1984.05.20,13:00: Victory cigs sux. Love is war? LOL. Thought popo 2+NG. Big Bro BFF? Not! :)

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I scream, as for the thousandth time in the past 3 months I see Jake get killed. This time he gets shot in the head. I wish it would stop. I have seen him die too many ways. I miss

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Pandas what were they? Pandas. They are magnificent creatures that live in the guru with all dem magical fairies in the great oak tree that was their home. So kawaii~<3. Birds.....

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The little girl watched as the car ran right through her. "What the actual..."

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