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She put the last file in the folder. She stared at his corpulent hand. It rested on the desk like a bloated drunk. She swung the stapler down on his hand, repeatedly until

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There was only 1 minute left in the soccer game. The scores were tied, and i had to score the goal, and

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One day i was walking to Kroger and i saw a chip on the floor, but for some reason i felt compelled to pick it up. I picked it up and it turned out to be a huge scorpion.

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sitting in web design and i just got a 50 on my 1st test dissapointed what should i do

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while i was walking down the hill i decided to jump accross the street and say oh my gosh im so in love i foundly found

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The day began like any other -the birds were singing, a gentle breeze was blowing- and yet, George could not help but feel a barely perceptible sense of foreboding, as if he knew

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"Aww, is it moving day again, daddy? I was just starting to like this place." "Yes, dear. Every Tuesday. Pack only what you can carry." Nick Nomad and his family clan set out for

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The table read was supposed to be fun. It was Chip's new screen play. He'd ordered pizza for the group. That's when he noticed Gallagher at the table. What the hell was he doing

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He could see the stag's silhouette against the bright lights of Hurst Castle. They gave him permission to hunt there after his shift. He removed his Bowie knife and sprinted

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I knew it was a mistake once the box was delivered. I vaguely remembered ordering them. LIVE ANIMAL stickers were plastered all over the box, & the it was squeaking. Did I really

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