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I had to pee so bad. There were people everywhere. It was a serious emergency and I had to come up with a plan. So I

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I put on my mask. I took a deep breath. I threw my body into the door and it flew open. With all my courage, I stepped

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Since my friend Geoff got married, it seems he is off the map. Where does the map lead us? Perhaps you might find

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She awoke slowly aware that the room was so black, the silence so complete it had weight and seemed to be suffocating

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How's that go? Ass in the sand, beer in my hand? Shoot, all's I'm sayin' is all I got is

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After attempting several time-tested solutions, the lion tamer decided he better take drastic action to release the

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It was early in our relationship but i felt we were both mature and could handle it without to much trouble. So I

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"Leader board!" Screamed EK™.

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That song. She had heard it on the radio the day he left the mandala half finished. Now, he was near

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A panda walks into a bar and orders a meal at the counter. When done, he gets up, shoots the bartender and leaves. Why?

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