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They holed up in the shack as best they could, and listened fearfully for the sound of claws on the door & roof. Father Mike blessed their sole weapon, a t-shirt gun - the damned

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THE ADVENTURES OF CHRISTIAN BILLY - BILLY VISITS THE HADRON COLLIDER. This week, Billy & his Sunday school classmates, including his best friend, Damien, visit the Hadron Collider.

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The marzipan animals on the young boy's birthday cake came to life that night.

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In the outback the Australian Aboriginal tribe sat in a circle and told stories of the dreamtime. These stories would help explain how the creatures had come to inhabit the land

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People flocked from as far as Caledonia County every year to see the returning of the nuns to convent. Excitement would swell as someone would spot the first one, winging her way

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Her toes hurt like hell...She needed new point shoes.That was that,she would not go on stage unless they gave her new blocks.She wiped out the blood and

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breaking into the owner's house and call for the police. The door is opened and the robber ran as fast as he can.

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Once upon a time, I was a bagger at the food hole.

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In Tonight's News, We explore the vast loss of life when the all The Members of the Gangnam Shake Flash Mob simultaneously combusted from awesomeness. In related news, Psy

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I challenge myself to use just seven words. Words? seven, I challenge just. Use to just challenge myself.

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