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On his first date, he noticed on her shelf a first edition copy of 'The Trail'. Then and there, he decided to devote his life to Kafka. Unaware, it was her roommate's book.

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"OK, Day Campers!" Ms. Twombly clapped her hands. "I want you all to make him feel welcome!" This was the day the Littlest Pet Shop's special visitor was a dead sturgeon.

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Charlie Parker made neutrinos change flavor with his left hand. Majorana was unimpressed. She'd exposed Dark matter parlor tricks and was a feared spectator at the Superkamiokande

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there was nothing left.

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Someday I'm going to realize that one thing that I didn't realize, at the time, that was the only thing I needed to realize and why I never realized it. Until that realization came

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Vito the Sausage Baron, Bobby Bugeyes, "Fingers" & Danny "the Duke" were in a small prison cell orbiting the moon arguing about who'd blocked the waste collection system when

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Really i could see my life come to an end. Was this really how i was supposed to leave? Someone pointing a pomegranate at me. i was so terrified that I

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The really trippy thing about Folding Story is watching an idea mutate, line by line. By the time this story gets all the way to the end, it will probably be about flying purple

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Emotional baggage? She's renting a berth on a container ship for her assorted

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No matter how far he went, teenagers continued to harass Mr. Shore. They seemed to get worse and worse every time he moved to another town. Just now, one of them was knocking.

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