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Tell me why? The teacher says. "I dunno" Bruno mumbles. "I just hate it here. I miss my friends in Berlin. This place smells. I had to do something. Anything." He tries not to cry.

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If I were a bird I'd fly away.

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We are going to bombard the camp. Camp Candy cannot be allowed to survive on Vulcan because

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Bone diddly. Bone diddly boo bop. Bone diddly boo bop a sham bam boo.

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Dopestrong and Alberto Cuntador raced in the Tour De Dope to gain fame and fortune. The competition in men's road racing was tough and sponsors paid

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Input GGGG... Output GGGG... Input: AAAA.... Output: KKKK... Input: CCCC... Output: PPPP... Input TTTT... Output FFFF... Hmm... What if we put in GAGA?

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Zombies are functioning members of our society, just like you and me. Now I don't want to hear any complaints about prejudice, because after all, we are all equal. Except they get

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Listen up Tony. Rule #1 of ABC construction. Start the noisiest work of the day at 6 am sharp so people know you arrived at work. Tony eagerly put on his ear protection

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As I sit here in his sweat shirt smiling at the thought of him, jack came to my mind and how he would react to this. Jack is controlling and protective but he's sweet too. I love

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"Sorry, stud, I didn't catch your name." "I'm just a pool boy, I need no sympathy. It's Amir, by the way." Ahhh, Amir. That wouldn't have been Gloria's first guess, so it's a good

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