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When I arrived home, the door was opened. I thought about my cats and if they were safe. Suddenly, I heard a noise and people stepping down the stairs very quickly. I didn't unders

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Henry Feline had an odd name. I'll mention that, because if I don't, it will be the Elephant in the room. Everyone else was playing with a tennis racket and Henry had a salmon.

Finished: 4/17/18 @ 16:41
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Don't look back, don't ever look back. I swallowed hard, running as fast as my feeble legs would let me in the freshly fallen snow as I practically hyperventilated. Man, I really

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The highest of honours have endowed me today. A writer named Ambika, of whom had higher stature than me, decided to follow my path in the Quest of the FoldingStory. My joy was

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There was nothing special about her story. She had a father who she thought might come and visit her one day but he didn't. She wondered where her father was. Maybe he'd got lost.

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He pointed at the picture."This is Nemo.He's a fish.You are going to find him."Fifty heavily armed grunts in bathing suits starred at the admiral."NOW!",he shouted.They shot up

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Ric a tic tic, tic a tic tic tic, ricca tic tic ticca ticca tic.

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He yanked the kid by the collar. He let black smoke billow from his tear ducts, "Do I look like I'm kidding?" Two Old Blue Hairs at the next table were staring at them.

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"I see your point and raise you a counterpoint: you are a massive doo-doo head." Debate Club had gone to the dogs. I quietly padded my résumé in the corner, sipping a soda.

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The machine falls on them, because they aggressively shake it to get their snack to fall.

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