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The wise old man stroked his beard and stared coldly at me as if he was burning the answer in my soul.

Finished: 3/29/20 @ 13:02
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Mind reading is very real & anyone can do it. You just need total concentration & practice. Try it at your next family function. You'll need to stare directly at them for at least

Finished: 3/27/20 @ 20:26
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Josh from work was forced by necessity to buy a pint at The Famous Cock in Highbury last Tuesday. He told me this in an email even though he was sitting at the desk abutting mine

Finished: 3/27/20 @ 15:42
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The depressed termite had had enough of wood. Wood, wood wood. That's all anyone ate around here. What about osso buco? What about

Finished: 3/27/20 @ 15:30
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Indoors, indoors, iiiiiinnndoooooorrsss! Take it away penny!

Finished: 3/26/20 @ 02:54
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Spic and Span were tired of their clean image and decided to make a rumpus

Finished: 3/25/20 @ 22:51
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The thing about Abe Froman was that it was all about sausages. Sausage this and sausage that. One time I said, "knock, knock?" And he said, "Sausage, now shut your mouth."

Finished: 3/25/20 @ 19:53
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She was afraid to ask for a new set of utensils and just couldn't stand it anymore, so she got up and hid in the bathroom.

Finished: 3/23/20 @ 21:00
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The Return of Morag McDoone. She was a bitter, drunk, Scotswoman, was Morag McDoone, who got more drunk the more bitters she imbibed. Her father Mickey rued the day he had filled

Finished: 3/23/20 @ 20:19
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Donatello stood with Cristiano in the garden. The one with the lavish fountain and the abundance of flowers and stone walkways. "Join us, Cristiano," Donatello said. Mystified,

Finished: 3/23/20 @ 20:01