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"The Commisar's in town," someone whispered. Don't turn around he thought. Just keep pushing this wheel barrel full of Mighty Putty to the bus stop. If he can was it up

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50, 60 , 70, 80 and slam into fifth gear. Wind smacked him in the face, including a sea gull which bounced off his helmet. He angled higher, and then gritted his dentures. Now

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"Do the truffle-shuffle!" we pleaded. However, all of our efforts in convincing Nathan his 7th grade picture made him look like Chunk from the Goonies were in vain.

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I am awesome

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In the offices of the Allen County Highway Department, Construction Manager Michelle Schmidt was sitting at her desk looking at site photos and engineering schematics and various

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I see her all time online, but don;t know when we'll meet. We vChat all day but its confusing. Should we commit or not commit. It's hard to make decisions...

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A group of about 50 religious protesters marched around the circle for about two hours at the beginning of the celebration carrying signs that said,

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Globalization is not an even process, but occurs on many levels simultaneously and with different levels of

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A rapier's wit, as it turned out, was no match for an actual rapier. He found himself buckling as his boots swashed blood and utter lack of control onto the planks. A writer had no

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Nina winced as the reverberations from the slammed door reverberated around the room, making her chair shudder. That was that, then. She'd just have to

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