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So he broke down and bought the nook. When he turned it on their was a message. It was strange because the message from a dead person named Ralphie. The message

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Por fin se acerca el 31 de Diciembre y en toda la casa ya se respira el olor a fiesta.

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Grandmother turned her head just a little too far to still be alive, and to still be human. The sound of bones grinding and popping as she did, also didn't help her convince me

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Every single box in the toy store now had all of the pertinent information in English and Spanish. The way he could tell the expensive ones from the cheap ones, they had French too

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"Let's ride," he said. Plumes of blood and gristle rained down on his lips. The salty copper of the kill overran his tongue. The vomit awoke, where it slept deep in the pit of

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In the days that would follow, I remembered speaking the words that ended us. They tasted salty in my mouth and I couldn't tell if I was remembering the tears or tasting them again

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No one thought the snow would pile up so fast. But at 2:00 when school was over, it was clear to everyone that we wouldn't be going home.

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Tank & Zaya love sex. Tank pleases Zaya, & Zaya Tank. Tank thinks Zaya's breasts are clouds. Zaya craves Tank's buttery touch. Tank smooths her soul, hits Zaya's secret nasty spot

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I pulled the plug, but the light bulb didn't blink. The entire house was lit up and buzzing. I flailed down the hall to the breaker and pulled them all, without effect. The doors

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I can't remember the moment it came to me...that I would be the last one. It should have been obvious and a conclusion easily derived from the first misstep, but for whatever

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