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Carl from accounting also happened to have a side job as a stripper. Problem is, he decided to combine both jobs and save himself the time.

Finished: 5/10/20 @ 22:15
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In Holstenwall, my hometown a traveling fair arrived & with it came Dr. Caligari. My friend Alan convinced me to visit his show. His somnambulist predicted Alan's death the by morn

Finished: 5/10/20 @ 11:57
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Rainbow Dash was taken to the factory. The glue factory.

Finished: 5/9/20 @ 08:34
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I went down the list. Amsterdam? Nope. Tangier? Nope. Nashville? Nope. All cities I had been banned from. My love of violent mutant girls and "trucker speed" had cost me

Finished: 5/8/20 @ 23:04
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A man in a hood came into the room and then

Finished: 5/8/20 @ 20:14
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In a narrow street, on a remote part of town SlimWhitman, Slim Dusty and Slim Shady walked into a bar and ordered 3 Slim Fast Shakes from the willowy looking bartender. SlimWhitman

Finished: 5/8/20 @ 15:04
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With tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, that little zig-zag shirt wearing blockhead of a kid, will surely receive a big, heart shaped box of rocks from his so called friends, who

Finished: 5/7/20 @ 23:18
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Every moment the amount of information that was being saved by every server on the internet was that much more information that somebody knew about anybody on the planet. Even you.

Finished: 5/7/20 @ 06:10
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Strangeness was rampant in Mr. Nucleon's house. Boson trees dropped their fruit into the Fermi sea in the garden. Schroedinger's cat winked from its branches. Dark matter

Finished: 5/6/20 @ 21:53
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I saw what I did that morning at the diner had caused a ripple that came back to hit me just now by her slamming the door in my face. "It was only a cup of coffee".

Finished: 5/6/20 @ 15:56