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I was taking a nice stroll in the forest when I came upon a building that I had not seen before. I go inside and there was a long creepy hallway that seemed to never end. I saw a

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"Buongiorno!" the stout, little man yelled and lifted his hand in greeting. "Sa la ragazza da Ingleterra??"

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Peter Griffin looked at the ramparts. They were strong. With the garrisons full, he should be able to withstand an attack from Westeros's King, Lord Stewie.

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Here I was standing on the corner. It was wet and still raining.

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Meredith Klein's highest note could crack much more than glass. But despite the prophecies and the prompting from all dimensions, she hated her role and decided she would not sing

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The day our mother announced she was pregnant again, we all came out of the closet.

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They always came in threes. I stood in stunned silence as he threw the first shovel of dirt upon the casket not knowing when today would end and tomorrow would begin. Three. A

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She said I was a nogoodcheatingsonofabitch bastard & I could go straighttohell.I laughed & said I thought she would have been more original than that. She hit me with a frying pan.

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"The future of advertising is within!" announced Senator Wayward Conquest as he strutted during his TED talk. "We can make everyone sleek, healthy, long-lived consumers with our ge

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Salvation is about more than life and death. It is about freedom from the corrupt nature and the prisons with which we create a lie of ourselves. Salvation is not having to look

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